My first post :)

Passion for writing is to me today. In the bag I always carry a notebook, which busily fills notes. These, however, there is so much that I decided to move them to the electronic version. I thought, too, that topic, I explore how today might be useful to someone like myself struggling for years.

What exactly is it? About slimming course. Because weight loss combats a few nice years, nazbierało me so little material. I tried already a number of diets, most of which, unfortunately, proved to be ineffective – I will describe them all here, in the pages of my blog that my experiences were an indication for others in the arduous fight against unnecessary pounds.

Today, I’m still rolling unequal struggle with their weight, but the process seated in order to achieve a perfect figure takes a really long time. I read a million guides, impart to the support forums, where I found not only valuable advice, but also a bunch of friends. I am well aware of what affects a person like me, that a great success even recognize a few kilograms less.

I am currently at the stage of rational nutrition. I changed my eating habits and I use the consultation experienced nutritionists. Note my weight finally goes down, finally breaking me not yo-yo effect, which of course’ve had more than once. At the same time I know that it will take a lot of time before I will be happy with their forms, however, are not subjected to this blog and I will be treated as a documentation of my actions.

His assumptions made me indeed, above all the fact that it is really hard to get valuable information about healthy and effective weight loss, I know this from personal experience. That’s why my knowledge and experience I decided to share with you now so you to the next, ineffective diets, “miracle” does not lose unnecessary time and above all health.

The blog post I will be an example of a diet with a description of their advantages and disadvantages, but it will be here also news about healthy eating. I hope not too boring descriptions of my actions or events that realize in connection with the change of my lifestyle.

I enjoy immensely if my diary about life, one of whose main objectives is today the achievement of a dream figure someone interested.

I will be grateful for any opinion, comment and lively discussions. And soon my debut, which is the first thematic note

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