My first weightloss diet

Adventure with weight loss started some three years ago. The end of winter and thus the need to purchase, lighter, not the more revealing the body clothing.

So I went to the gallery to buy some new clothes, I came back with nothing. Like material, because instead of new clothes caught just a huge feeling down. I could choose any part of the garment, everything looked wrong or completely not find size. If you’ve been shoved into something that outfit looked like the younger sister.

It was then that I made the decision to lose weight, not only knew that the fight against kilograms will last so long and be so heavy.

I started by checking the weight – with an increase of 165 centimeters … I weighed 72 kg, far too much. I decided it was time to diet, of course, best if weight loss is fast and efficient, like a miracle diet.

At the beginning I used diet  less eat ? It was easy because I did not have to stick to the established norms of time on eating, I did not have to prepare a sophisticated menu. It was comfortable the more that this was the time when I studied, diet  seemed so comfortable, although not as strict. I, who loved to eat in the student bar and fry during lectures now I avoid eating like a fire, the very thought of non-eating was not to pass.

I started with small steps. I decided that the end of snacking, the end of the candy. Completely stopped taking sugar and wheat bread for wholemeal swapped. I did not use any fat besides olive oil and sodas swapped for water, or green tea, which, moreover, can not stand – no, but what is not done for the dream figure.

Yes persevered about 14 days, the weight did not move and I went more and more frustrated. After that time, I gave up and my big slimming Warsaw came to an end. I honored them with a visit to the fast food …….

Probably many of you reading this text sees in him his story. How I managed to figure out on numerous forums for desperatek, like me, the first slimming diet usually end up just like that.

All through the complete lack of assumptions, the lack of any plan. If you think you will shed excess weight by simply discarding some products and only your renunciation will have dinner early to put to bed with an empty stomach already then you are wrong. Unfortunately this does not work, but I myself found out about it until a few years later, visiting a dietitian.

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