Diets which didn’t work

Today, I decided to describe to you diet, which I myself been using or trying to use and have proved to be not only ineffective, but simply unhealthy.

It is just that we want to lose weight is the use of all means, may only managed to lose weight. Every good nutritionist in Warsaw will tell you that weight loss is not a starvation diet and taking away the essential nutrients, but just rational nutrition, so that without the sacrifices we make it to dream weight.

Well, easy to say but harder to do. Slimming diets typically use people who are not interested in any other effects besides fewer centimeters in waist.

That’s what I thought, and I, all the more that the approaching vacation time and a trip to the sea, behind which already so I could be stęsknić.

I had one goal – to lose weight as much as possible and in as soon as possible. Probably I have been using every diet, the most rigorous, and those that are “hit” weight loss forums and blogs about dieting – so, there is no denying that, and these of course had read.

Slimming started the Dukan diet – a diet that will devote an entire entry soon but now I emphasize that it is absolutely not a healthy diet. Although it has gained such a huge fan base around the world and use it, even the biggest stars of stage and musical theater scenes are definitely the Dukan diet in addition to excess weight also deprives us of all valuable components, which are necessary for the proper functioning of our body. You can not also overlook the fact that the diet of this kind contributes to the emergence of a huge yo yo and lasting metabolic disorders.

Another diet that is so popular in Poland, and unfortunately it is not a healthy diet is the cabbage, the so-called diet Kwasniewski. Sam stand it on this diet than a week, and although I was really desperate, because summer is approaching with great strides that no one would force me to drink cabbage soup even longer if I had two weeks to reach the figure of a supermodel.

The next massacre is a diet Copenhagen. It is used by a large group of people who want to lose weight without the help of a professional clinic diet. This is due to its duration – it is used only 13 days, in addition never hungry. About this diet also write a separate note, I have to admit that persevered in it to the end and even kicked off some weight. Also write about her flaws, but because these prevail, taking into account first of all, our health.

If you are curious to devote further entries also descriptions of the diet most absurd, to which even the same to me it was difficult to convince but do not say that they did not tried the

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