Candies and sweets in my diet

I love sweets. Always nibbled them at work, I really enjoyed them during walks and chocolate always hosted at our house every weekend, right next to the cake with lots of cream.
Unfortunately, it is they contributed largely to my overweight. Huge amounts of sugar, which absorbed rebounded very quickly on my weight.

My weight loss as I mentioned in another post just started from the restrictions primarily highly sweetened products. It is a pity that then no one reminded me that losing weight does not have to mean the avoidance of sweets a wide berth. It turns out that for example the bitter chocolate during such process is quite desirable. And as for you, it takes place slimming? Or completely renounced sweets? I regret that I learned about the qualities of chocolate I am so late, with it certainly would be easier to me to deal with the daily struggle for a beautiful look and dream weight.

Many people might not believe me, but the beneficial properties of dark chocolate has been proven long ago. First of all, it proved that chocolate does not cause weight gain with us if we do not exceed the daily consumption – a maximum of 2 dice every day. It is worth noting that the chocolate has to be the best quality, with the greatest amount of cocoa solids. Bitter is to be so, not to deliver the body of unnecessary sugar.

So what advantages does chocolate? A good nutritionist in Warsaw made me realize that it works perfectly on metabolic processes and therefore the fight against unnecessary pounds can be even easier. In addition, eating a small cube of chocolate improves our mood and make it easier to get through a restrictive diet, after slimming.

In addition, the chocolate has tons of health benefits. Thanks to it improves memory and concentration, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attacks, Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, varicose veins. It not without significance is also the fact that chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, a hormone of happiness. Thanks to it we have a better humor and his face does not come down to us smile. I think that chocolate is a great source of energy – it is especially important for people who combine a weight loss diet with exercise.

As you can see chocolate you can eat so with impunity, of course, not forgetting the restrictions on quantities. Slimming diet need not be full of sacrifices, from time to time you can afford to certain exceptions. I just do so and the weight continues to drop.

Write necessarily how you look at weight loss and what you recommend sweets in the diet weight loss. Maybe there are other products than the chocolate that you can successfully eat and still lose weight?

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