Good eating habits

So much is said about good eating habits, but is not it true that for each may be different? Modified taking into account the lifestyle and preferences even taste? A little while this is indeed already years ago nutritionists appointed standards, which should keep considering our daily menu and method of consumption. These rules in most suited are the basis for rational nutrition of healthy people. It is worth remembering that a change of diet should always consult with a nutritionist and once implemented eating habits (of course, the good ones) should accompany us forever.
Sam started losing weight a few years ago and it was the first time I switched its system feeding. Although by this time changed my diet probably dozens of times is a habit that instilled my nutritionist, I try to follow. Now I can confidently say that these are not rules, it is the norm to which got used to it and can not imagine that I could eat in a different way. Of course, there is a derogation and therefore I always have great remorse, but they do not stem from laziness just such impossibility. An example might be a trip to the mountains – hard during a day’s hiking stick to the principle of eating five meals, including at least one hot or accurate chewing each bite.

Let’s get into habits that for me have become commonplace (if run as stable lifestyle). First of all, you should eat five meals a day and breakfast is the most important. This is what breakfast is to give us energy for the day, be the driving force. The first meal should be eaten no later than one hour after waking. It is to be satisfied and provide all the vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, it is important not only what we eat but how we eat. Every bite should be chewed at least 30 times so that he could be subjected to appropriate digestive processes. You should also apply the principle of incompatibility of different foods. Personally, I never drink during the meal (rather put out desire before eating), do not I combine cucumber with tomato because nutrients do not affect both relative to one another preferably (askorbinaza contained in cucumber kills vitamin C in tomatoes). Similarly, the lemon tea. If you throw in a slice immediately after brewing, lemon missed again us all the health-giving properties.

I hold also another important principle. Well, not always eat dinner later than two hours before bedtime. Not recognize the principle of eating until 18:00 – you can starve. If I go to about 23:00 I am the last meal I eat before 21:00.

What is a good diet?

Starting slimming came across numerous diets that were make at express pace, thoughtful and effectively get rid of excess weight. Diets were low-calorie, qualifying, low-carbohydrate, low-fat or those that were to be consistent with my lifestyle, consistent with blood … At some point I started to wonder whether it is possible to lose weight in accordance with the color of my eyes, hair, or the type of skin – I more I penetrated into the topic and probably would have found such.

It turns out that the available weight loss diets is a whole bunch, so how do you choose one that is suitable for us, healthy and above all effective? We have no time for trial and error, we want to quickly recover or get the dream figure.

What diet will be good for us? It is above all one that is composed only for us, according to our needs, health and nutritional preferences. This diet, which we wouuld convene expert, so I wrote out a nutritionist in Warsaw, one of the dietary counseling.

Remember that there are many subsidiaries, which will affect our healthy eating. Only properly adjusted diet can give you not only the right results, but also make you not compromised our health and condition.

Several years of tedious weight loss gave me a solid foundation to help reach some conclusions. Today, I am convinced that a good diet will include individual demand for vitamins and other nutritional value and individual needs of each organism even looking at our metabolism, body type, mode of everyday life or the digestive system along with the digestive process. A good diet will take into account our lifestyle divided into activity and sleep, the state of our psyche with stressors, endocrine or preferences favorites nutrients – it is also about to slimming diet has become a pleasure and was not treated as a punishment, which always we will be demotywować.

Let us also remember that the diet that we want to use to lose weight should be devoid of allergenic components and those that affect food intolerances. Proper nutrition, which will support us in the struggle with the reduction of body fat also take into account possible disease we face – here will apply rather dietoterapia.

And what you have experience with diets? Did you find this, which you really happy? One that gives the desired results without adversely affecting the body? I’m curious of all opinions.

Dietetic breakfasts

Today I decided to share with you a recipe for my favorite breakfast – a healthy, nutritious and above all not accumulated enough already, and so the amount of excessive body fat.

As we know, breakfast is the main meal of the day and an absolute mistake is skipping it in your slimming diet. Breakfast is we need to function properly, it gives energy. The morning meal should be an appropriate portion of vitamins and minerals and ingredients that affect our performance as physical and intellectual. As it turns out, breakfast should be solid, it can be downright largest dish they eat throughout the day. Never forget about it and prepared them not later than one hour after getting up – after this time, our metabolic processes are slowed down.

But back to the recipe, breakfast, which you propose is light, but nutritious and certainly energetic. It provides valuable ingredients for the day and eating a good portion, for many hours do not feel hunger. Let me give you a few suggestions, which, moreover, was recommended to me in the clinic diet and you will be able to choose the ones that most you will enjoy. I guarantee that they are all very tasty.

At the beginning of scrambled eggs. This dish not very sophisticated, but how nutritious. My scrambled eggs I do always with three eggs, of which one eliminates the egg yolk. Eggs mischief to a smooth paste and add the 2 tablespoons of wheat bran and finely chopped chives. The whole mix and pour into the pan (without fat). Mass can leave it and fry an omelet or scrambled eggs thoroughly to – in any form is delicious and healthy. For such breakfast I always add 1-2 slices of wholemeal bread (pay attention whether it is manufactured on a natural sourdough).

The next dish was the perfect start to the day with oatmeal mix additives. 6 tablespoons oatmeal mountain I add nuts and raisins, sometimes dried fruits, such as bananas. Active pour boiling water and allowed to stand for 5-10 minutes. After this time, there remains nothing else but to be eating a nutritious, wholesome breakfast.

Every morning I drink it always green tea. At the beginning, when eliminated from your diet slimming sugar the sweetener. Today, stevia is used – did you know that it is exactly 0 calories and is up to 100 times sweeter than sugar?

And maybe you have some interesting ideas for filling, but dietary breakfast? We are happy to get to know all the reviews and would use regulations.