Good eating habits

So much is said about good eating habits, but is not it true that for each may be different? Modified taking into account the lifestyle and preferences even taste? A little while this is indeed already years ago nutritionists appointed standards, which should keep considering our daily menu and method of consumption. These rules in most suited are the basis for rational nutrition of healthy people. It is worth remembering that a change of diet should always consult with a nutritionist and once implemented eating habits (of course, the good ones) should accompany us forever.
Sam started losing weight a few years ago and it was the first time I switched its system feeding. Although by this time changed my diet probably dozens of times is a habit that instilled my nutritionist, I try to follow. Now I can confidently say that these are not rules, it is the norm to which got used to it and can not imagine that I could eat in a different way. Of course, there is a derogation and therefore I always have great remorse, but they do not stem from laziness just such impossibility. An example might be a trip to the mountains – hard during a day’s hiking stick to the principle of eating five meals, including at least one hot or accurate chewing each bite.

Let’s get into habits that for me have become commonplace (if run as stable lifestyle). First of all, you should eat five meals a day and breakfast is the most important. This is what breakfast is to give us energy for the day, be the driving force. The first meal should be eaten no later than one hour after waking. It is to be satisfied and provide all the vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, it is important not only what we eat but how we eat. Every bite should be chewed at least 30 times so that he could be subjected to appropriate digestive processes. You should also apply the principle of incompatibility of different foods. Personally, I never drink during the meal (rather put out desire before eating), do not I combine cucumber with tomato because nutrients do not affect both relative to one another preferably (askorbinaza contained in cucumber kills vitamin C in tomatoes). Similarly, the lemon tea. If you throw in a slice immediately after brewing, lemon missed again us all the health-giving properties.

I hold also another important principle. Well, not always eat dinner later than two hours before bedtime. Not recognize the principle of eating until 18:00 – you can starve. If I go to about 23:00 I am the last meal I eat before 21:00.

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