Exercises that support diet and make your slimming faster

Quickly, I found out that diet alone is not enough to lose weight. At the beginning of the struggle for an impeccable silhouette so I decided to turn the exercise. At the beginning I was doing them at home and I admit that set that I developed independently proved perfectly. It was great for a beginner who does not show the condition of fitness enthusiast. Successfully so I performed a series of three times a week and the effects began to be apparent quickly.
Today we propose you and my set of exercises. It is ideal for people who are just beginning to fight for a better figure, fitness and health. The bottom line is they that engage all parts of the body without exception. They do not focus only on the stomach or thighs, but also arms, buttocks and calves. I wanted to adipose tissue disappeared and changed into muscles everywhere. And if I am to have achieved this and you need to go.

The advantage of this type of exercise is that you do not have to not spend money you do not have to leave the house when the weather is not conducive to and you can do them at any time. The struggle for a beautiful figure may be taken against the TV, your favorite music in the privacy of your room and stretched tracksuit. There is no more room for excuses, you only need a little motivation.

We’ll start with crunches. This exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles. Your hands crossed on his chest and his feet well to resist the floor. Hover directing torso diagonally. Knees should be bent all the time. I performed this exercise in 3 series of 15 repetitions on each side.

For the next exercise will be useful dumbbells, but if those do not have this ideal will give two bottles filled with water. Lie down on your back and pull your hands with dumbbells up at the same time should lift straight leg a few centimeters above the ground. Like the previous exercise and that I performed in 3 series of 15 repetitions.

This exercise is ideal while on the thighs and buttocks. Lie down on your back and lay your hands freely along the body. In turn we draw one straight leg upward, while the clod remains bent at the knee and foot rests firmly on the ground. An additional complication is the fact that during the exercise should be all the time the buttocks raised upwards. Normally we perform 3 sets but only after 3 repetitions on each leg.

My last suggestion is squats. Each one of us did it, after all, not once. Difficulty here are dumbbells, which hold in their hands. Squats are made traditionally in 3 series, 15 repetitions.

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