If all else fails, it’s time to starve. So at least thought the average obese person. If not helped even murderous low-calorie diets 1000 and fewer calories, you reduce the calories taken to zero. I always end up in serious health effects.

Tried hundreds of diets. Do you know each of them by heart. Did you try any strange combination of dishes. Food all week only cabbage, yogurt, fruit? You know it and you know it does not work. Drinking coffee with a cube of sugar? Also it gives nothing. You are desperate your three-digit weight. You want as quickly as possible to lose as much weight. Even 10 kg week. So what to do? If tried extreme diet and completely they did not work, maybe even more extreme diet will be effective? Or better yet, no diet. Yes. Time for a hunger strike.

Fasting is the dumbest thing you can do dieter girl. I lack the words to describe what it is unwise to starvation. First, you destroy your body. Fasting followed for 30 days leads to death from starvation. How can you use something that in the long run will result in certain death? Can someone explain that to me? If the hunger strike wreaks such havoc that can lead to death, it is hardly a good method of weight loss. I think you can see it at first glance? No?

Second, fasting does not burn fat. You can starve yourself all you want but do not burn a gram of fat. Why? When you starve the body enters into emergency mode and begins to conserve stocks. Everything gets transform into fat. In addition, in order to survive hunger, the body has to spend as little energy as possible. Think what consumes the most energy. Well, the muscles. Therefore, instead of the body fat starts to burn your muscles alone. On the one hand of their energy in the form of proteins, on the other hand to get rid of unnecessary ballast consuming excessive amounts of energy.

Thirdly, if you starve it does not supply the body with no nutrients. So we begin to have a whole barrage of problems related to their deficiency. Lack of these components also leads to the destruction of the body, lowering immunity and exposure to every possible disease and ailment.

Added to this is the mass of the negative effects that will feel immediately after the start of the hunger strike. Dizziness, fatigue, depressed mood, blurred vision, convulsions, jumps pressure, nausea, insomnia and so on.

Adding up all these points, and you can write the still slightly behind the other, not stosujcie fasting. It does not lead to anything good. It has the same drawbacks and virtually no advantages. If, however, depend on losing weight at any cost, even at the expense of their health or life, nothing will not help you. In this case, I encourage you to use fasting. Then efficiently remove their genes from society.

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