Slimming and natural medicine

Most of us are after many diets and weight loss attempts. We used probably everything. But if you used natural medicine also called alternative medicine? Such methods are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, I think that it is worthwhile to look at them.

The first to go acupuncture. Yes, there are acupuncture therapies for losing weight. The reason of such therapy is simple. A lot of people are obese and frustrated that it does not help them any diet, because they are not able to hold her. Therefore we created a simple way, which has a wonderfully slim down obese person. Just stick to each other a few needles and sudden weight loss. Yes, it must be true. Fareast methods always work.

Another magical method – herbs. Herbs for weight loss. Currently, it is believed that herbs help at all, and even if the herbs do not help it certainly does not hurt. Therefore, we use the salutary effect of herbs such as yerba mate, common dandelion, violet tricolor, buckthorn, red tea. The problem with them is that the herbs by themselves will not do anything. Indeed, these products have many health properties, I do not deny. However, I would consider the determination of these and other herbal remedy for obesity. Herbs are ok, but not necessarily to lose weight.

Next, this time much more unusual way to slim a respiratory therapy Chinese medicine. I must admit that previously I had no idea about the existence of such a method of weight loss. I had no idea how to have it all work. Some time ago I made a small risercz and I already know what it looks like. You save on exercises to master Chinese medicine. This explains to you how you breathe. Performing together with him breath sessions. The sessions are repeated every day and last for several minutes. After a week of such playgrounds we are chudsi a few kilos. A further part of the breathing exercises you can perform at home, lose weight on. Apparently these exercises to reduce appetite and slimming our mind. I firmly believe in this assertion.

At the end I left the most hardcore method of weight loss. Well-known and popular – hydrocolonotherapy (here separate text). This method is based on the purging of the colon large quantities of liquid. Liquid how we use may vary, depending on the indications of “doctor” or effect you want to achieve. Some use the classic water, some coffee, juice or even urine. Once it was called simply enema and was free surgery. Now for the surgery you are paid quite a lot and it is carried out en masse, mostly in alternative medicine clinics. As you might guess, there is no need to make yourself such treatments. Our intestines great deal with the disposal of these impurities. We do not have this support by inserting a plastic tube from the rear.

To conclude this lengthy post, I want to announce that if we play in alternative methods of weight loss, it’s just putting off the moment of our slimming later. These alternative methods do not give anything and are created exclusively for hopeless cases, obese people and for the naive, of whom pulled out a thick money in exchange for nothing. Instead, I recommend a good diet and exercise. There is no other way to be thin and never will be.

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