My first time in the gym :)

A typical story of walking to the gym begins: Want to lose weight. Already you tried everything when it comes to weight loss alone. Did not work. So you’re trying to change the strategy. Your friend recommended you to the gym, where she comes. Fitness is the largest shopping mall in your city.

On site you found out that you can subscribe for a minimum of one year. A little long. But not discouraged you are, because you decided that you lose weight. You are motivated. You go out there every two days throughout the year. Nice lady at the registration asks you for payment card, takes it and rewrites it to a computer number and the CVV code. A little strange, but no ok, yet somehow you have to collect the money from your account.

You go to the store you are buying myself clothes to the gym. Of course, you are a most dizajnerskie. In the end, you have to look sexy during exercise. Plus the handy comfortable shoes. And sports headband. And on hand. And heart rate meter. And the towel. I have some cool case for your smartphone shoulder. Oh and of course the headphones (necessarily beatsy) to listen to your favorite music while exercising. Ok, we already have everything. It came for all of this “slightly” more than a thousand dollars. Well, there is nothing for free. For being fit to pay.

You go to Silk. You go through the door, you dress up and walk into the main room. Your eyes appears a large hall. Devices abound. The only pity is that the most important ones is like a cure. 50 treadmills and exercise bikes are one bench for extrusion. You do not be discouraged by this and choose either a treadmill. You set up the program and begin to “run”. Actually, this race is more like walking, but it does not matter. And so you lose weight. But you’re at the gym. During a leisurely stroll on the treadmill, you stretch out your smartphone. Yes. Time to move on Instagrama photos. You take the phone and doing a few selfies. Adding hasztagi #workout #fitness #fit #sport #running #bieganie #befit #gym.

 Actually, you’re already tired. Kilometer run in 15 minutes in the end no mean feat. Time to rest and relax. So you go to the relaxation area. On the way to the zone you pass a lot of people. Among them are squeaky clean oxidized blond with enlarged breasts, effeminate boys in tight outfits with haircuts, as if he had just come out of the hairdresser. All iPhones in their hands and have enabled Instagrama or snapchat. In the end, not after it signed up to the gym to be unable to showoff.

You walk into the sauna, which is already 20 people. A little crowded, but what helped. When you get tired of the crowd in the sauna, you go out with her and greets you pleasantly cool wide-open window nearby. You go to the showers. Each pours boiling water. No literally. There is no normal shower? Check each in turn. No, no. You have to wash in hot water.

Time to end the workout. You come to his locker, which jams. You are trying to fight with the lock for 5 minutes. None of the service does not want to help you. In the end, you balancing the door and taking their stuff. You dress up. Time to still go to the recreation area, where you will find a couple of computers with internet access. Yes, computers are an integral part of the gym. You can not function without them. You sit several minutes on Facebook, checking in that you are SILC and log out. You’re going home.

So in most cases, the story looks average with known networks gym. Is it worth it? I think not. It is better to sign up to a small housing estate gym. In a small gym, you pay less. There will also be such showoff. You’ll meet people who know how to practice and show you how to perform the exercises. There are no meaningless improvements that only distract from the exercise.

As Arnold would say this: If you’re in the gym, exercise. Do not do anything else.

How exercise to lose weight

Many people ask me this question. They ask how well the practice to reach the dream figure. I will share with you some advice as how to effectively exercise to lose weight.

Above all, remember: skinny silhouette is exercise and diet. There is no so that it takes more than practice. You can not gorge on ice cream and snacks then go to the gym to shed it all. The same can not go for a run and then reward to make a hamburger with fries. It does not work and can not work. If you exercise, it is only in the company of a good diet. Diet human cultivating the sport is a bit different than the one that the sport is not practiced. You will probably need some carbohydrates in order to have the strength to exercise. For this it is important that the consumption of a protein in suitable amounts.

Remember that the exercises are divided into two main groups, aerobic and strength. Most of the girls prefer to do cardio because they are simpler. In turn, the men rather keen on exercise of force, although there is no way such a strong trend as women. I want to give you one. I know that aerobic exercise are nice and pleasant (running, swimming, cycling, aerobics, dance), but they do not translate too much to improve the appearance of the figure. Yes, they help lose weight, but they cardio is like enough. If you want to look great, you have to perform strength exercises. All the girls from the covers of newspapers with a beautiful body, spend hours in the gym lifting weights. I guarantee it to you. Strengthening exercises help to improve clearly visible figure. You will look more athletic and feminine.

Many women worry that it will raise a pair of dumbbells and suddenly pop out the six pack and will nakoksowane like bodybuilders. No way. If you do not take steroids and buckets are a woman, it does not matter how much you lifted weights this will never resemble a silhouette athletic man. All these women with huge muscles that you see on bodybuilding competitions are steroids and hormones. The natural female hormones simply do not allow for the growth of muscle tissue. And even if you have impaired hormonal balance, you are if you notice that you are beginning to look like the guy is simply odstawiłabyś weights. After all, no one tells you the strength to practice. You do not have to practice when you see that it gives undesired effects.

But I assure that 99.9% do not have rickety endocrine and after a strength workout you’ll see a lot of positive results.

One more thing about the exercise at the gym. Rather, do not use the equipment to exercise. They are not very effective. I mean exercise machines. For devices such exercises that you perform you are isolated. This means that one group of muscle groups and other rest. It’s a big waste of time. The best exercises are performed with dumbbells and barbells. Such a simple, classic exercises. Many of them are very forsujących but it is precisely because they operate. During their exercise works almost the entire body at one time. Most of the muscle is under tension so that the results you achieve much, much faster. You do not have to do ten different exercises on different devices without enough to do a deadlift and come out the same.

I hope that I explained a few issues ? I wish you pleasant and productive weight training ?