Myths about slimming and losing weight

I will present in this entry are some myths about weight loss. Many people believe strange things when it comes to losing weight. I think we should lighten up a few inaccuracies. So for future generations.

Myth 1 – Eating your last meal of 18

Yes, but probably only for the person who puts up early, eg. About 22. If you lie down after midnight, as most eating the last meal of 18 does not make any sense. Just you hungry before bedtime. You will not be able to sleep until finally you go to the fridge for a snack. Not the way. The last meal we eat 2-3 hours before going to bed to be had time to digest.
Myth 2 – find low-fat low-calorie product =

No. The product, which is low in fat can have a lot of calories. Calories can come from protein (pretty good), complex carbohydrates (good) or simple carbohydrates (bad). So do not fall for this trick marketing.
Myth 3 – Carbohydrates are bad

No. Simple sugars are “bad” because it is the same energy, empty calories with no nutritional value. Complex sugars are in turn valuable for health. Absolutely worth incorporate into your diet.
Myth 4 – Obese parents determine childhood obesity

Not entirely true. If you have obese parents you may have a tendency to gain weight. But in any case it is not a verdict that was pronounced and from which nothing you can do. Our genes are only part of who we are. Many other things we can control ourselves.
Myth 5 – The effect of yo-yo dieting is always at

Not necessarily. If weight loss is in a bad way, too quickly, using some stupid diet is like most. Do not think that when you’re starving for several days, then it will not be you want to eat. The same is the use of a super complicated diet where you have to constantly count calories. Keyed resources will get tired of diet and start eating again. It is the yo-yo effect. If you enter a good diet, you will chudła slowly and can keep it to the end of life, there is no option for the yo-yo effect.
Myth 6 – Training 7 days a week

It does not make sense. No one normal would not train. Only the przeforsujesz and did not lose weight. I train every other day. One day in the effort and the other to rest. The body needs to recover after exercise. If your workouts are too hardcore, you begin to burn your muscle and not fat.
Myth 7 – Eating cold ice cream gives a negative calories

No, there is no such thing as negative calories. It is so stupid theory that ice cold to warm the body must do more work than to burn them. It’s not true. Heating of the ice cream is an expense few calories, if someone wanted to be a convert. Now count the calories if they have ice cream.
Myth 8 – Losing weight by not eating breakfast

Absolutely not! If skipping breakfast, you are doing yourself more harm than good. Skipping breakfast just contributes to weight gain. The body does not get anything to eat in the morning and starts saving mode stocks. In the afternoon and evening we’ll have to bounce your not eating breakfast with a vengeance, and translate into extra kilos. Always eat some breakfast in the morning. Always.
Myth 9 – Fruits are good for fat loss

Some fruit will not hurt. But in general, fruits are nothing good in large quantities. They have little nutritional value, but they are also a huge inventory of simple sugars. So those who want as little as possible. Therefore, nothing will happen if the limit in our diet fruit.
Myth 10 – The more restrictive the diet, the better the effect

I think yo-yo effect, then yes, hehe. As far as the effect of slimming, it is not. Restrictive diets replant with reducing calories and thus resemble a hunger strike. The body is directed towards the emptying, reduced health and metabolic disorders arise. With the weight loss it is that the slower the better. And the effects can be maintained for longer.

Lose belly fat. How to get sixpack

The eternal question asked by the user for various websites and magazines readers youth. “Dear Bravo, I want to lose weight on the stomach. I do crunches for two months but it does not work. Next I’m fat and I weigh a hundred kilos. Help please! “


Let’s start at the beginning of a crackdown on the first, the most important myth concerning weight loss on the stomach. Well, there is no such thing as selective fat burning. In other words, it does not make sense to do crunches. It’s only works with the muscles that increases the muscle that you exercise. On the other hand, with regard to the fat, the combustion mechanism is completely different. Examples of crunches exercises isolated. This means that they use at one time, only one batch of muscles. For this reason, this exercise does not make sense.

To lose weight, we must do exercises like most global muscles. They are called exercises base. During their exercise we engage multiple muscle groups at once and our bodies quickly burn stored fat. Class isolated are suitable for sculpting the muscles, and not to burn fat. That is why crunches do not give when it comes slimmer belly. Because as far as they burn a little fat, it will burn him with the whole body and not the abdomen. And burn it much less effective than other exercises. It’s in a nutshell.
From the belly does not light

From the belly is a problem. Because fat is burned in it at the end. Of course there are some minor genetic differences that modify the rate of combustion and adding extra fat individual body parts. Each of us is slightly different. However, generally, in most cases, for most of us it is the fat on the belly will be the most difficult to throw off. This is the last milestone perfect figure. Everything is perfect but the belly yet. But they all share the same so do not worry about it.
let’s get to the point

Okay, it was yet another chapter in somewhat lengthy introduction. Let’s get to specifics. How to lose belly? How to get rid of donuts?

Well the answer to this question would be very surprising: diet and exercise. Probably all might be thinking now: “srsly? Diet and exercise? Everyone always says the same thing. ” Exactly. Because it is the most effective method. Well, unless you prefer liposuction, then I invite you to a surgeon.

We start from the diet. First, do not eat sugar. Carbohydrates are ok but not simple sugars. So a zero sweeten tea, soft drinks and zajadania the batonikami. In addition, be sure to protein in their diet. But do not pass on the high-protein diet, they just eat protein. For this fiber, lots of fiber. Fiber is good.

Ok, we already have a good diet. That was fast. Quick and easy. Nieprzekombinowane things are the best. Now for the good exercise.

What is best for slim? Well, as what – cardio.

Running, swimming, cycling, jumping.

If you can, run around using HIIT, or do intervals. But this training is quite strenuous, also is not for everyone. Generally speaking, do the aerobic training which suits you. It does not matter which one you choose. It is important to choose the one that you like. Then you will have the motivation to exercise and do not stop after a week. Continuous use of less effective method is better than the use of the most effective methods for a week.
Specific strength training

Ok, now it’s time to exercise on the SILC. We do these exercises: deadlifts, squats with a barbell, pull-up on the stick. Oh no. Again, the most classic exercises you can imagine!

But this Kasia gives the nightmarish advice! “Even you could write about the barbell bench press for the chest, then would be complete!”

The only pity is that these exercises are effective. I know that no one likes such. Deadlift but no sorry, you need a break.

See what exercises will make every bodybuilder, strongman like. It will be deadlifts and squats with a barbell. Somehow these people win all the competitions, so unless you know how to practice, hm? This does not mean that if you perform these exercises it will grow like monsters and you przykoksowane. There is no chance of a girl. You have a woman’s hormones, which will not allow you to it. You can do these exercises a year, and so will look feminine. If you want to look like a coke to take for anabolic steroids.

If you are not yet able to meet this demanding, but the best exercises, I suggest a few simple. Try to do some pocket knives, plank or pounosić legs lying. These exercises are also good. Maybe not nearly as good as the previous but for the novice girls will be sufficient.

Raw diet

Raw diet. Food without any processing. That is, what nature gave us. We take it and eat. It sounds interesting. Is it possible to eat healthy without cooking, frying, baking and other forms of heat treatment?

According to the principles of this diet, yes you can. I do not need you probably remember what miracles can do it in your life. But I mention that because it always amuses me.  And additionally benefits from the sphere of psychological, that are hard to verify:

better mood
no depression
greater motivation
increased activity
more energy
improved memory and concentration

Those involved more passionate about raw diets declare that it heals some types of cancer, incurable type of multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and anything else that happened to fall into such a person to mind.

Instead of doing a classic vehicle after the diet and point out all the flaws, I’ll do something else. This particular diet, as compared to the other is not so bad. Well-behaved she would be a good alternative to today’s diets based on processed products and highly invasive methods of heat treatment of the type of frying. At least it is not the type of diet, fruitarianism which allows to consume only one type of food and discards all the other uselessly. Here we have a large room to maneuver and can eat almost anything. Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, animal products, eg. Milk. This is pretty good.

The problem with this diet is the same as with most other popular diets. This diet unnecessarily accept dogmas and apply them as a starting point to create its principles. It does not look at it that ultimately counts human health and not the blind pursuit of perfect adherence to the diet. Here dogma is that raw food is healthy and the food processing is unhealthy.

If you choose a diet, think what you have in this goal. Your goal should be to eg. Health, prettier silhouette, better mood, better life. Not stosujcie diet in order to have with what we identify with. Last I see that more and more people are on a diet to be on a diet. To be able to show off in front of your friends a super strict diet. Of course, developed by Dr. dietetics from Azerbaijan with an exotic name. To feel better than others. Because my diet is better than yours and you’re stupid lemmings that you eat what everybody.

Do not get caught up in it. Choose the diet that will give you the results you want to achieve. If you notice that after a month of use of a new diet none of this will zrezygnujcie and choose some other. Everyone is different, and different people fit different diets. Each person likes different food. You have to test it a little before the diet will be both healthy and tasty. And above all, one that will not be a punishment.

Please do not be senseless fanatic vegetarianism, raw foodingu diet Copenhagen or any other. If you want to be a follower, subscribe to the church. Do not interfere ideology to his health. Do not be like the holy missionary who necessarily have to convince everyone to his dietoreligii and drag any unbeliever at his side.

What is YOYO effect

Most girls believe that the yo-yo effect is a magical ailment, even a disease that happens to all dieters. And the truth is completely different, as most of you probably have guessed.

A lot of people on forums dietary asking meaningless questions like: “After this diet is yo-yo effect”, “After these slimming pills is the yo-yo effect”, “Can I go to the gym then this is the yo-yo effect?”. All these questions are obviously stupid. Yo-yo effect is not a kind of magic. This is not something that just happens to nowhere. To yo-yo effect carry you alone, because I do not know how to eat like normal people. Yo-yo effect testifies to the fact that you have nothing and no patience. They want immediate results, looking for the magic pill to a perfect figure and trying to cheat the system, which can not be fooled.

Let’s start from the beginning. What in general is the yo-yo effect? It is always the result of dropping weight. First, fast weight loss and then even faster weight gain. If it occurs as a result of diet, this means that stosowałyśmy stupid diet, fasting, and we now have for their own. You eat only cabbage, because you read on the internet that after her lose weight? You’re the own fault. Have you had only one type of food, for instance. The same proteins or fats? Guess whose fault it is that you are now thick and does not fit into the door frame.

Yo-yo effect results from the fact that you eat enough, because you forced to extreme diet for a short period of time. You forget, however, that weight loss is not a game for a month for life. Therefore, after the stage of extreme dieting odpuściłaś himself and came back to his previous, highly unhealthy eating habits. I showed up yo-yo effect. Really incredible.

Worse, each subsequent yo-yo effect is getting worse. Fat cells, with each cycle of weight loss / weight gain, quickly generate fat. The result is that the first time gain weight 10 kg in 2 months, but the second approach, we will gain weight at the same time, 20 kg. So better to lose weight once and for all, because then there will be only harder and harder.

Now let’s talk about how to avoid the yo-yo effect. First of all, do not chudnijmy too fast. Quickly thrown the weight comes back with the same speed. Lose weight more slowly, we can control what happens to our body. During our diet we can not starve. And certainly we can not consume less than 1000 kcal.

If you often go to events, please you very much that you did not drink alcohol. If you go to a party once a year is no problem, you can specifically get drunk. But if you go out twice a week and drink, then no diet will not help on the calorie intake.

A great addition to the diet are also – and here a big surprise – exercise! Wow, no one had it not hit. But seriously, each person has a regular exerciser far less likely to yo-yo effect.

To eat with normal times. Respect your body’s natural biological clock. Do not go to bed at four in the morning. Do not get up at three o’clock. Do not eat two meals a day, of which one is a crisp czitosy.

Follow the above advice and will not be yo-yo effect. Remember that weight loss is for life. Well, first of all select a normal, healthy diet. That is the basis.