What is YOYO effect

Most girls believe that the yo-yo effect is a magical ailment, even a disease that happens to all dieters. And the truth is completely different, as most of you probably have guessed.

A lot of people on forums dietary asking meaningless questions like: “After this diet is yo-yo effect”, “After these slimming pills is the yo-yo effect”, “Can I go to the gym then this is the yo-yo effect?”. All these questions are obviously stupid. Yo-yo effect is not a kind of magic. This is not something that just happens to nowhere. To yo-yo effect carry you alone, because I do not know how to eat like normal people. Yo-yo effect testifies to the fact that you have nothing and no patience. They want immediate results, looking for the magic pill to a perfect figure and trying to cheat the system, which can not be fooled.

Let’s start from the beginning. What in general is the yo-yo effect? It is always the result of dropping weight. First, fast weight loss and then even faster weight gain. If it occurs as a result of diet, this means that stosowałyśmy stupid diet, fasting, and we now have for their own. You eat only cabbage, because you read on the internet that after her lose weight? You’re the own fault. Have you had only one type of food, for instance. The same proteins or fats? Guess whose fault it is that you are now thick and does not fit into the door frame.

Yo-yo effect results from the fact that you eat enough, because you forced to extreme diet for a short period of time. You forget, however, that weight loss is not a game for a month for life. Therefore, after the stage of extreme dieting odpuściłaś himself and came back to his previous, highly unhealthy eating habits. I showed up yo-yo effect. Really incredible.

Worse, each subsequent yo-yo effect is getting worse. Fat cells, with each cycle of weight loss / weight gain, quickly generate fat. The result is that the first time gain weight 10 kg in 2 months, but the second approach, we will gain weight at the same time, 20 kg. So better to lose weight once and for all, because then there will be only harder and harder.

Now let’s talk about how to avoid the yo-yo effect. First of all, do not chudnijmy too fast. Quickly thrown the weight comes back with the same speed. Lose weight more slowly, we can control what happens to our body. During our diet we can not starve. And certainly we can not consume less than 1000 kcal.

If you often go to events, please you very much that you did not drink alcohol. If you go to a party once a year is no problem, you can specifically get drunk. But if you go out twice a week and drink, then no diet will not help on the calorie intake.

A great addition to the diet are also – and here a big surprise – exercise! Wow, no one had it not hit. But seriously, each person has a regular exerciser far less likely to yo-yo effect.

To eat with normal times. Respect your body’s natural biological clock. Do not go to bed at four in the morning. Do not get up at three o’clock. Do not eat two meals a day, of which one is a crisp czitosy.

Follow the above advice and will not be yo-yo effect. Remember that weight loss is for life. Well, first of all select a normal, healthy diet. That is the basis.

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