Raw diet

Raw diet. Food without any processing. That is, what nature gave us. We take it and eat. It sounds interesting. Is it possible to eat healthy without cooking, frying, baking and other forms of heat treatment?

According to the principles of this diet, yes you can. I do not need you probably remember what miracles can do it in your life. But I mention that because it always amuses me.  And additionally benefits from the sphere of psychological, that are hard to verify:

better mood
no depression
greater motivation
increased activity
more energy
improved memory and concentration

Those involved more passionate about raw diets declare that it heals some types of cancer, incurable type of multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and anything else that happened to fall into such a person to mind.

Instead of doing a classic vehicle after the diet and point out all the flaws, I’ll do something else. This particular diet, as compared to the other is not so bad. Well-behaved she would be a good alternative to today’s diets based on processed products and highly invasive methods of heat treatment of the type of frying. At least it is not the type of diet, fruitarianism which allows to consume only one type of food and discards all the other uselessly. Here we have a large room to maneuver and can eat almost anything. Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, animal products, eg. Milk. This is pretty good.

The problem with this diet is the same as with most other popular diets. This diet unnecessarily accept dogmas and apply them as a starting point to create its principles. It does not look at it that ultimately counts human health and not the blind pursuit of perfect adherence to the diet. Here dogma is that raw food is healthy and the food processing is unhealthy.

If you choose a diet, think what you have in this goal. Your goal should be to eg. Health, prettier silhouette, better mood, better life. Not stosujcie diet in order to have with what we identify with. Last I see that more and more people are on a diet to be on a diet. To be able to show off in front of your friends a super strict diet. Of course, developed by Dr. dietetics from Azerbaijan with an exotic name. To feel better than others. Because my diet is better than yours and you’re stupid lemmings that you eat what everybody.

Do not get caught up in it. Choose the diet that will give you the results you want to achieve. If you notice that after a month of use of a new diet none of this will zrezygnujcie and choose some other. Everyone is different, and different people fit different diets. Each person likes different food. You have to test it a little before the diet will be both healthy and tasty. And above all, one that will not be a punishment.

Please do not be senseless fanatic vegetarianism, raw foodingu diet Copenhagen or any other. If you want to be a follower, subscribe to the church. Do not interfere ideology to his health. Do not be like the holy missionary who necessarily have to convince everyone to his dietoreligii and drag any unbeliever at his side.

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