Lose belly fat. How to get sixpack

The eternal question asked by the user for various websites and magazines readers youth. “Dear Bravo, I want to lose weight on the stomach. I do crunches for two months but it does not work. Next I’m fat and I weigh a hundred kilos. Help please! “


Let’s start at the beginning of a crackdown on the first, the most important myth concerning weight loss on the stomach. Well, there is no such thing as selective fat burning. In other words, it does not make sense to do crunches. It’s only works with the muscles that increases the muscle that you exercise. On the other hand, with regard to the fat, the combustion mechanism is completely different. Examples of crunches exercises isolated. This means that they use at one time, only one batch of muscles. For this reason, this exercise does not make sense.

To lose weight, we must do exercises like most global muscles. They are called exercises base. During their exercise we engage multiple muscle groups at once and our bodies quickly burn stored fat. Class isolated are suitable for sculpting the muscles, and not to burn fat. That is why crunches do not give when it comes slimmer belly. Because as far as they burn a little fat, it will burn him with the whole body and not the abdomen. And burn it much less effective than other exercises. It’s in a nutshell.
From the belly does not light

From the belly is a problem. Because fat is burned in it at the end. Of course there are some minor genetic differences that modify the rate of combustion and adding extra fat individual body parts. Each of us is slightly different. However, generally, in most cases, for most of us it is the fat on the belly will be the most difficult to throw off. This is the last milestone perfect figure. Everything is perfect but the belly yet. But they all share the same so do not worry about it.
let’s get to the point

Okay, it was yet another chapter in somewhat lengthy introduction. Let’s get to specifics. How to lose belly? How to get rid of donuts?

Well the answer to this question would be very surprising: diet and exercise. Probably all might be thinking now: “srsly? Diet and exercise? Everyone always says the same thing. ” Exactly. Because it is the most effective method. Well, unless you prefer liposuction, then I invite you to a surgeon.

We start from the diet. First, do not eat sugar. Carbohydrates are ok but not simple sugars. So a zero sweeten tea, soft drinks and zajadania the batonikami. In addition, be sure to protein in their diet. But do not pass on the high-protein diet, they just eat protein. For this fiber, lots of fiber. Fiber is good.

Ok, we already have a good diet. That was fast. Quick and easy. Nieprzekombinowane things are the best. Now for the good exercise.

What is best for slim? Well, as what – cardio.

Running, swimming, cycling, jumping.

If you can, run around using HIIT, or do intervals. But this training is quite strenuous, also is not for everyone. Generally speaking, do the aerobic training which suits you. It does not matter which one you choose. It is important to choose the one that you like. Then you will have the motivation to exercise and do not stop after a week. Continuous use of less effective method is better than the use of the most effective methods for a week.
Specific strength training

Ok, now it’s time to exercise on the SILC. We do these exercises: deadlifts, squats with a barbell, pull-up on the stick. Oh no. Again, the most classic exercises you can imagine!

But this Kasia gives the nightmarish advice! “Even you could write about the barbell bench press for the chest, then would be complete!”

The only pity is that these exercises are effective. I know that no one likes such. Deadlift but no sorry, you need a break.

See what exercises will make every bodybuilder, strongman like. It will be deadlifts and squats with a barbell. Somehow these people win all the competitions, so unless you know how to practice, hm? This does not mean that if you perform these exercises it will grow like monsters and you przykoksowane. There is no chance of a girl. You have a woman’s hormones, which will not allow you to it. You can do these exercises a year, and so will look feminine. If you want to look like a coke to take for anabolic steroids.

If you are not yet able to meet this demanding, but the best exercises, I suggest a few simple. Try to do some pocket knives, plank or pounosić legs lying. These exercises are also good. Maybe not nearly as good as the previous but for the novice girls will be sufficient.