Myths about slimming and losing weight

I will present in this entry are some myths about weight loss. Many people believe strange things when it comes to losing weight. I think we should lighten up a few inaccuracies. So for future generations.

Myth 1 – Eating your last meal of 18

Yes, but probably only for the person who puts up early, eg. About 22. If you lie down after midnight, as most eating the last meal of 18 does not make any sense. Just you hungry before bedtime. You will not be able to sleep until finally you go to the fridge for a snack. Not the way. The last meal we eat 2-3 hours before going to bed to be had time to digest.
Myth 2 – find low-fat low-calorie product =

No. The product, which is low in fat can have a lot of calories. Calories can come from protein (pretty good), complex carbohydrates (good) or simple carbohydrates (bad). So do not fall for this trick marketing.
Myth 3 – Carbohydrates are bad

No. Simple sugars are “bad” because it is the same energy, empty calories with no nutritional value. Complex sugars are in turn valuable for health. Absolutely worth incorporate into your diet.
Myth 4 – Obese parents determine childhood obesity

Not entirely true. If you have obese parents you may have a tendency to gain weight. But in any case it is not a verdict that was pronounced and from which nothing you can do. Our genes are only part of who we are. Many other things we can control ourselves.
Myth 5 – The effect of yo-yo dieting is always at

Not necessarily. If weight loss is in a bad way, too quickly, using some stupid diet is like most. Do not think that when you’re starving for several days, then it will not be you want to eat. The same is the use of a super complicated diet where you have to constantly count calories. Keyed resources will get tired of diet and start eating again. It is the yo-yo effect. If you enter a good diet, you will chudła slowly and can keep it to the end of life, there is no option for the yo-yo effect.
Myth 6 – Training 7 days a week

It does not make sense. No one normal would not train. Only the przeforsujesz and did not lose weight. I train every other day. One day in the effort and the other to rest. The body needs to recover after exercise. If your workouts are too hardcore, you begin to burn your muscle and not fat.
Myth 7 – Eating cold ice cream gives a negative calories

No, there is no such thing as negative calories. It is so stupid theory that ice cold to warm the body must do more work than to burn them. It’s not true. Heating of the ice cream is an expense few calories, if someone wanted to be a convert. Now count the calories if they have ice cream.
Myth 8 – Losing weight by not eating breakfast

Absolutely not! If skipping breakfast, you are doing yourself more harm than good. Skipping breakfast just contributes to weight gain. The body does not get anything to eat in the morning and starts saving mode stocks. In the afternoon and evening we’ll have to bounce your not eating breakfast with a vengeance, and translate into extra kilos. Always eat some breakfast in the morning. Always.
Myth 9 – Fruits are good for fat loss

Some fruit will not hurt. But in general, fruits are nothing good in large quantities. They have little nutritional value, but they are also a huge inventory of simple sugars. So those who want as little as possible. Therefore, nothing will happen if the limit in our diet fruit.
Myth 10 – The more restrictive the diet, the better the effect

I think yo-yo effect, then yes, hehe. As far as the effect of slimming, it is not. Restrictive diets replant with reducing calories and thus resemble a hunger strike. The body is directed towards the emptying, reduced health and metabolic disorders arise. With the weight loss it is that the slower the better. And the effects can be maintained for longer.

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