Skinny Fat

Today we look at a very popular phenomenon called skinny fat. Many girls still says, “I do not need to practice, yet I am slim.” In most cases, the exercise they need immediately.

Cases skinny fat people are the most common in girls. Young girls who got lucky in the struggle of good gene pool, are naturally slim. If at his thinness does not care about proper diet and opijają with alcohol and eat the same junk food, their body becomes just a skinny body fat. At the beginning they look ok, because genes hold their body in check. However, after several years of such treatment fast food and alcohol, the body can not withstand the pressure of unhealthy elements and begins to change. Apparently, at first glance you can not see the changes. Those very skinny fat look good in clothes. They seem to be slim and graceful at all. But when a girl take off her clothes covering, we will see something terrible.

Sagging skin, slender body, unattractive shape, cellulite. These are the signs of being a lean fat man. This appearance comes from the fact that the person eats badly and in general do not exercise. It does not almost no muscle tissue, has for many fat. Whereby a mass of fat in the body is high, despite a low weight. To this figure are two routes: a devastating lifestyle and lack of exercise, or debilitating slimming low-calorie diet (eg. Diet 1,000 calories or less).

What is the solution? Proceedings exactly the opposite to what we did before. So – attention attention – here again a surprise, a good diet and going to the gym. First of all, we need to start with a good, calorie diet. At the gym, we do not need necessarily to go, but if not in the gym, we still have to do some strength training, even at home. Doing aerobic exercise, for example. Running, cycling, only worsen our condition skim the fat man, so do not exaggerate them. It is the same with weight lifting. We can not do the exercises with low loads with a large number of repetitions, because I do not get out of our silhouette that way. We can not cut our calorie diet. We need to start eating normally of 2000 kcal and more.

Note that similar to what I described a moment ago is a lot of advice on slimming of the popular glossy magazines. This type of silly advice you can find in any store. Cut calorie, do a million cardio, lift light weights with a million repetitions. And the recipe for being skinny fat man ready.

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  1. I’m very ashamed because I’m skinny fat. I always thought I was slim but when I compared my body with a friend who walks to gym I was a bit shocked.

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