The latests slimming trends

I found on the internet a couple of the latest diet. For this reason, I will not fail you to them at this point to present. Sit comfortably in chairs and enjoy the festival strange nutritional advice. Even I do not know which one is the worst, because they are all equally bad.

Military Diet (diet soldier)

I do not understand what this diet has to do with being a soldier. Perhaps the only name. Authors diets promise a slim few kilos without unnecessary exercise. The plan is written out only four days, also make it suitable for single shot, rather than daily, long-term use. If you have a week to your wedding, and you need to lose a few kilos, it’s something for you. The creators of the diet claim that it is so arranged that it contains nutrients complement each other. As a result, our metabolism will speed up to the dizzying speed and begin to burn everything within ten kilometers.

Examples of this diet breakfast consists of toast, eggs and a banana. Do not ask me how to connect. I was after something like wylądowałabym with his head in the toilet. Other avant-garde combination of flavors to dinner with canned tuna, banana and vanilla ice cream. And here already completely I do not know how you can eat these products together in one giving. It sounds more like a “dish” on otrzęsinach in elementary school than something normal to eat.

I have no idea who invents such a diet. But here you do not add up. The authors do not even offer suggestions of dishes, they write just some random products and order them together to eat. A same products in the diet also have questionable nutritional properties (hot dogs, crackers). It is better to let go and choose something else, for example, HMR diet.
HMR diet

The diet was invented by a psychologist. Which of course does not mean it is healthy. Its main theme is based on the fluids is sheiks and eating energy bars. So the very beginning is tragic. HMR also requires movement, but a small. Several minutes walking a day is enough. It’s like to go a few times to the toilet and back.

The diet consists of two phases, the first is designed to help in losing weight as quickly as possible, the second begins when you reach your dream weight and is to stabilize our habits.

This diet is low in calories, so you know that her lose weight. The problem there is that does not teach correct eating habits, only strict adherence to a predetermined plan. And these diets are doomed to fail. So you lose weight but then die in agony.
Cleanup Green Smoothie

A very popular topic, or smoothie, had his five minutes in the year 2014, when this book came out of treatment with the help of bad green cocktails. This book became a bestseller and sold out in millions of copies. But what of that, if the proposed diet is more fasting than nutrition. After a few days of drinking the same smoothie tasting like a snail mucus, it will start running out of energy and you’ll faint.

It is worth mentioning that our liver and kidneys do not need any booster-purifiers. Same great cope with the purification of the body, to this end are created. Basics of biology to bow.

I do not mind drinking a smoothie. If these drinks are part of a balanced diet and a supplement to it, can be a very nice vitamin injection. But it must be something complementary, not the basis of the diet.