Barbell squats. My new exercise!

Hi guys! Today I would like to share with my new exercise I’ve been doing lately. It’s a barbell squats. This is a great way to burn you fat and what is also very important it shapes you body, makes your muscles stronger and your overall posture looks way better. I also love it for one more reason. 5-10 minutes with barbel squats is equivlent to 30-60 minutes of running. Barbel squat isn’t for beginners, start doing squats without weights, after 2-3 weeks add some small weights like 10-20kg. Below is a great tutorial how to start.

Runing makes you burn calories faster

I’m not a big fan of running but I run 5km twice a week. Runing is great and very simple exercise to burn you calories however it has few cons. It’s time consuming, you need special equipment, you need good weather, you need to go to forested areas, I don’t recommend running in cities.

Below is a great video for beginners. I used advices from that vid and they were very helpfull.