About me

Hey, I’m Tanya 25yr old and I am the author of this blog. I live in Warsaw Poland so please forgive me my english which isn’t perfect. Broadly defined as nutrition began to be interested in a couple of years ago, that’s when I began my battle with an impeccable silhouette, which I lead, moreover, to this day.

I am an IT specialist and working in the profession since the time of graduation, or of some three years. Weight problems began for me even in college – known long hours spent in lectures and even longer on the study yielded very quickly adverse effect. The case was aggravated by my work, also in 90% of sitting.

Blog is an original diary, in which I will save my struggles and small triumphs. Hopefully, that will create a kind of guide for all those who like me want to start a fight with unnecessary pounds. I think that over the years the use of all sorts of diets can safely share my knowledge so that you do not have to go such a long way and make mistakes habits that blacking me very often.

I am currently at the stage of rational weight loss. I can see the first, lasting success. I know that me still a long way to a dream figure, but I also know that finally found a healthy and effective way to tame fat. I hope that together we will be better, that I will be helpful in your fight. Of course, I’ll share with you my thoughts and principles that I started to bring to life