What is YOYO effect

Most girls believe that the yo-yo effect is a magical ailment, even a disease that happens to all dieters. And the truth is completely different, as most of you probably have guessed.

A lot of people on forums dietary asking meaningless questions like: “After this diet is yo-yo effect”, “After these slimming pills is the yo-yo effect”, “Can I go to the gym then this is the yo-yo effect?”. All these questions are obviously stupid. Yo-yo effect is not a kind of magic. This is not something that just happens to nowhere. To yo-yo effect carry you alone, because I do not know how to eat like normal people. Yo-yo effect testifies to the fact that you have nothing and no patience. They want immediate results, looking for the magic pill to a perfect figure and trying to cheat the system, which can not be fooled.

Let’s start from the beginning. What in general is the yo-yo effect? It is always the result of dropping weight. First, fast weight loss and then even faster weight gain. If it occurs as a result of diet, this means that stosowałyśmy stupid diet, fasting, and we now have for their own. You eat only cabbage, because you read on the internet that after her lose weight? You’re the own fault. Have you had only one type of food, for instance. The same proteins or fats? Guess whose fault it is that you are now thick and does not fit into the door frame.

Yo-yo effect results from the fact that you eat enough, because you forced to extreme diet for a short period of time. You forget, however, that weight loss is not a game for a month for life. Therefore, after the stage of extreme dieting odpuściłaś himself and came back to his previous, highly unhealthy eating habits. I showed up yo-yo effect. Really incredible.

Worse, each subsequent yo-yo effect is getting worse. Fat cells, with each cycle of weight loss / weight gain, quickly generate fat. The result is that the first time gain weight 10 kg in 2 months, but the second approach, we will gain weight at the same time, 20 kg. So better to lose weight once and for all, because then there will be only harder and harder.

Now let’s talk about how to avoid the yo-yo effect. First of all, do not chudnijmy too fast. Quickly thrown the weight comes back with the same speed. Lose weight more slowly, we can control what happens to our body. During our diet we can not starve. And certainly we can not consume less than 1000 kcal.

If you often go to events, please you very much that you did not drink alcohol. If you go to a party once a year is no problem, you can specifically get drunk. But if you go out twice a week and drink, then no diet will not help on the calorie intake.

A great addition to the diet are also – and here a big surprise – exercise! Wow, no one had it not hit. But seriously, each person has a regular exerciser far less likely to yo-yo effect.

To eat with normal times. Respect your body’s natural biological clock. Do not go to bed at four in the morning. Do not get up at three o’clock. Do not eat two meals a day, of which one is a crisp czitosy.

Follow the above advice and will not be yo-yo effect. Remember that weight loss is for life. Well, first of all select a normal, healthy diet. That is the basis.

My first time in the gym :)

A typical story of walking to the gym begins: Want to lose weight. Already you tried everything when it comes to weight loss alone. Did not work. So you’re trying to change the strategy. Your friend recommended you to the gym, where she comes. Fitness is the largest shopping mall in your city.

On site you found out that you can subscribe for a minimum of one year. A little long. But not discouraged you are, because you decided that you lose weight. You are motivated. You go out there every two days throughout the year. Nice lady at the registration asks you for payment card, takes it and rewrites it to a computer number and the CVV code. A little strange, but no ok, yet somehow you have to collect the money from your account.

You go to the store you are buying myself clothes to the gym. Of course, you are a most dizajnerskie. In the end, you have to look sexy during exercise. Plus the handy comfortable shoes. And sports headband. And on hand. And heart rate meter. And the towel. I have some cool case for your smartphone shoulder. Oh and of course the headphones (necessarily beatsy) to listen to your favorite music while exercising. Ok, we already have everything. It came for all of this “slightly” more than a thousand dollars. Well, there is nothing for free. For being fit to pay.

You go to Silk. You go through the door, you dress up and walk into the main room. Your eyes appears a large hall. Devices abound. The only pity is that the most important ones is like a cure. 50 treadmills and exercise bikes are one bench for extrusion. You do not be discouraged by this and choose either a treadmill. You set up the program and begin to “run”. Actually, this race is more like walking, but it does not matter. And so you lose weight. But you’re at the gym. During a leisurely stroll on the treadmill, you stretch out your smartphone. Yes. Time to move on Instagrama photos. You take the phone and doing a few selfies. Adding hasztagi #workout #fitness #fit #sport #running #bieganie #befit #gym.

 Actually, you’re already tired. Kilometer run in 15 minutes in the end no mean feat. Time to rest and relax. So you go to the relaxation area. On the way to the zone you pass a lot of people. Among them are squeaky clean oxidized blond with enlarged breasts, effeminate boys in tight outfits with haircuts, as if he had just come out of the hairdresser. All iPhones in their hands and have enabled Instagrama or snapchat. In the end, not after it signed up to the gym to be unable to showoff.

You walk into the sauna, which is already 20 people. A little crowded, but what helped. When you get tired of the crowd in the sauna, you go out with her and greets you pleasantly cool wide-open window nearby. You go to the showers. Each pours boiling water. No literally. There is no normal shower? Check each in turn. No, no. You have to wash in hot water.

Time to end the workout. You come to his locker, which jams. You are trying to fight with the lock for 5 minutes. None of the service does not want to help you. In the end, you balancing the door and taking their stuff. You dress up. Time to still go to the recreation area, where you will find a couple of computers with internet access. Yes, computers are an integral part of the gym. You can not function without them. You sit several minutes on Facebook, checking in that you are SILC and log out. You’re going home.

So in most cases, the story looks average with known networks gym. Is it worth it? I think not. It is better to sign up to a small housing estate gym. In a small gym, you pay less. There will also be such showoff. You’ll meet people who know how to practice and show you how to perform the exercises. There are no meaningless improvements that only distract from the exercise.

As Arnold would say this: If you’re in the gym, exercise. Do not do anything else.

How exercise to lose weight

Many people ask me this question. They ask how well the practice to reach the dream figure. I will share with you some advice as how to effectively exercise to lose weight.

Above all, remember: skinny silhouette is exercise and diet. There is no so that it takes more than practice. You can not gorge on ice cream and snacks then go to the gym to shed it all. The same can not go for a run and then reward to make a hamburger with fries. It does not work and can not work. If you exercise, it is only in the company of a good diet. Diet human cultivating the sport is a bit different than the one that the sport is not practiced. You will probably need some carbohydrates in order to have the strength to exercise. For this it is important that the consumption of a protein in suitable amounts.

Remember that the exercises are divided into two main groups, aerobic and strength. Most of the girls prefer to do cardio because they are simpler. In turn, the men rather keen on exercise of force, although there is no way such a strong trend as women. I want to give you one. I know that aerobic exercise are nice and pleasant (running, swimming, cycling, aerobics, dance), but they do not translate too much to improve the appearance of the figure. Yes, they help lose weight, but they cardio is like enough. If you want to look great, you have to perform strength exercises. All the girls from the covers of newspapers with a beautiful body, spend hours in the gym lifting weights. I guarantee it to you. Strengthening exercises help to improve clearly visible figure. You will look more athletic and feminine.

Many women worry that it will raise a pair of dumbbells and suddenly pop out the six pack and will nakoksowane like bodybuilders. No way. If you do not take steroids and buckets are a woman, it does not matter how much you lifted weights this will never resemble a silhouette athletic man. All these women with huge muscles that you see on bodybuilding competitions are steroids and hormones. The natural female hormones simply do not allow for the growth of muscle tissue. And even if you have impaired hormonal balance, you are if you notice that you are beginning to look like the guy is simply odstawiłabyś weights. After all, no one tells you the strength to practice. You do not have to practice when you see that it gives undesired effects.

But I assure that 99.9% do not have rickety endocrine and after a strength workout you’ll see a lot of positive results.

One more thing about the exercise at the gym. Rather, do not use the equipment to exercise. They are not very effective. I mean exercise machines. For devices such exercises that you perform you are isolated. This means that one group of muscle groups and other rest. It’s a big waste of time. The best exercises are performed with dumbbells and barbells. Such a simple, classic exercises. Many of them are very forsujących but it is precisely because they operate. During their exercise works almost the entire body at one time. Most of the muscle is under tension so that the results you achieve much, much faster. You do not have to do ten different exercises on different devices without enough to do a deadlift and come out the same.

I hope that I explained a few issues ? I wish you pleasant and productive weight training ?

Slimming and natural medicine

Most of us are after many diets and weight loss attempts. We used probably everything. But if you used natural medicine also called alternative medicine? Such methods are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, I think that it is worthwhile to look at them.

The first to go acupuncture. Yes, there are acupuncture therapies for losing weight. The reason of such therapy is simple. A lot of people are obese and frustrated that it does not help them any diet, because they are not able to hold her. Therefore we created a simple way, which has a wonderfully slim down obese person. Just stick to each other a few needles and sudden weight loss. Yes, it must be true. Fareast methods always work.

Another magical method – herbs. Herbs for weight loss. Currently, it is believed that herbs help at all, and even if the herbs do not help it certainly does not hurt. Therefore, we use the salutary effect of herbs such as yerba mate, common dandelion, violet tricolor, buckthorn, red tea. The problem with them is that the herbs by themselves will not do anything. Indeed, these products have many health properties, I do not deny. However, I would consider the determination of these and other herbal remedy for obesity. Herbs are ok, but not necessarily to lose weight.

Next, this time much more unusual way to slim a respiratory therapy Chinese medicine. I must admit that previously I had no idea about the existence of such a method of weight loss. I had no idea how to have it all work. Some time ago I made a small risercz and I already know what it looks like. You save on exercises to master Chinese medicine. This explains to you how you breathe. Performing together with him breath sessions. The sessions are repeated every day and last for several minutes. After a week of such playgrounds we are chudsi a few kilos. A further part of the breathing exercises you can perform at home, lose weight on. Apparently these exercises to reduce appetite and slimming our mind. I firmly believe in this assertion.

At the end I left the most hardcore method of weight loss. Well-known and popular – hydrocolonotherapy (here separate text). This method is based on the purging of the colon large quantities of liquid. Liquid how we use may vary, depending on the indications of “doctor” or effect you want to achieve. Some use the classic water, some coffee, juice or even urine. Once it was called simply enema and was free surgery. Now for the surgery you are paid quite a lot and it is carried out en masse, mostly in alternative medicine clinics. As you might guess, there is no need to make yourself such treatments. Our intestines great deal with the disposal of these impurities. We do not have this support by inserting a plastic tube from the rear.

To conclude this lengthy post, I want to announce that if we play in alternative methods of weight loss, it’s just putting off the moment of our slimming later. These alternative methods do not give anything and are created exclusively for hopeless cases, obese people and for the naive, of whom pulled out a thick money in exchange for nothing. Instead, I recommend a good diet and exercise. There is no other way to be thin and never will be.


If all else fails, it’s time to starve. So at least thought the average obese person. If not helped even murderous low-calorie diets 1000 and fewer calories, you reduce the calories taken to zero. I always end up in serious health effects.

Tried hundreds of diets. Do you know each of them by heart. Did you try any strange combination of dishes. Food all week only cabbage, yogurt, fruit? You know it and you know it does not work. Drinking coffee with a cube of sugar? Also it gives nothing. You are desperate your three-digit weight. You want as quickly as possible to lose as much weight. Even 10 kg week. So what to do? If tried extreme diet and completely they did not work, maybe even more extreme diet will be effective? Or better yet, no diet. Yes. Time for a hunger strike.

Fasting is the dumbest thing you can do dieter girl. I lack the words to describe what it is unwise to starvation. First, you destroy your body. Fasting followed for 30 days leads to death from starvation. How can you use something that in the long run will result in certain death? Can someone explain that to me? If the hunger strike wreaks such havoc that can lead to death, it is hardly a good method of weight loss. I think you can see it at first glance? No?

Second, fasting does not burn fat. You can starve yourself all you want but do not burn a gram of fat. Why? When you starve the body enters into emergency mode and begins to conserve stocks. Everything gets transform into fat. In addition, in order to survive hunger, the body has to spend as little energy as possible. Think what consumes the most energy. Well, the muscles. Therefore, instead of the body fat starts to burn your muscles alone. On the one hand of their energy in the form of proteins, on the other hand to get rid of unnecessary ballast consuming excessive amounts of energy.

Thirdly, if you starve it does not supply the body with no nutrients. So we begin to have a whole barrage of problems related to their deficiency. Lack of these components also leads to the destruction of the body, lowering immunity and exposure to every possible disease and ailment.

Added to this is the mass of the negative effects that will feel immediately after the start of the hunger strike. Dizziness, fatigue, depressed mood, blurred vision, convulsions, jumps pressure, nausea, insomnia and so on.

Adding up all these points, and you can write the still slightly behind the other, not stosujcie fasting. It does not lead to anything good. It has the same drawbacks and virtually no advantages. If, however, depend on losing weight at any cost, even at the expense of their health or life, nothing will not help you. In this case, I encourage you to use fasting. Then efficiently remove their genes from society.

Being fat person is trendy

Recently I noticed that nowadays there is a peculiar trend of being overweight person. More and more people are overweight. More and more people suffer from illnesses like hypertension, ailments of the cardiovascular system, etc. All of this is caused by an accumulation of fat. Where the world is heading today? How do I fix this?

Over 50% of people in the States are currently obese. Our civilization has passed another milestone. I do not know whether the stone is on the appropriate side, and whether there should be direct. For the first time in the history of the people, the number of obese people has exceeded the number of people of normal weight. It is certainly a sign. I think it’s a sign that the time for a change. It is evident that we do something wrong with our nutrition. A hundred years ago, there was virtually no obese people. Per person morbidly obese believed someone who resembled today the average size of Mr Andrew of beer belly.

In my opinion, such a sharp Filmaster to the extreme weight of the average American (and soon also a Briton, an Italian, a Frenchman and a Pole) did not take the lack of exercise. People in the past were not interested in being very fit and physical activity. Simply because they did not know this form of leisure. A long time ago, most people worked on the land and it is this work served as exercise. Currently, the field instead of people choose gym.

Perhaps impact on obesity has paperwork. Once, after all, this was not. Now is normal sit for 8 hours a day behind a desk. It is very likely that this has any long term effects on our body.

But the real culprit, in my opinion, is our diet. This change of diet ruined everything. She meant that people are now so obese. Currently, people eat completely different products than our ancestors and in completely different proportions. Industry nutritional developed incredibly. I do not think, however, that this development was in our favor.

We eat more processed stuff. All intimidating contains carbohydrates. All this, because I do not have time to take a normal dinner. We have no time to cook, or take fresh vegetables, meat and fruit and do something with it. Dishes made with natural products are healthy. They knew about our ancestors. We forgot about it. Driven by concerns nutritional packed into each other garbage. Companies know very well how to create attractive food. Staff scientists is working to produced their food looked delicious. They do everything that tasted so to stimulate the taste buds in good order and us addicted. All the chips, snacks, sweets, ready meals, semi, pseudo meat, false cheeses and other products we can safely throw in the trash.

These products do not do us anything, except that we do through them sick. They perform only one function – to take money out of our pockets and put them into the pockets of producers of food. Scientists have shown that the consumption of processed products directly translates into poorer health and a higher number of diseases. Therefore avoid such things as fire and eat only food prepared with fresh products.

Should we accept our look?

What do you think? Do I have to accept that we are fat? Whether to agree to your weight? Last reading forums dietary came across just such a trend among wearers. Well, many of them say they do not have the strength to fight with diets and begin to accept your appearance. I came to the conclusion that we are actually are beautiful and do not have to change. Is such action is appropriate? In my opinion no.

These girls just do not have enough free will to lose weight. Before them there were thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who have managed to successfully lose weight. If so many ordinary people knew how to do it, why you do not want to go? Does anyone have any explanation? I have such that you just do not want to.

Instead of fighting, these girls prefer to lie to themselves. They prefer to believe that we are beautiful, that are attractive and certainly someone they love. Because it does not count outward appearance, but the interior. The only pity is that most often these girls do not have nothing to offer either from outside or from within. Because what you have to offer a man, if you can not control your basic primitive eating habits? What such a person can bring to the life of another person? What can you offer to his partner? Think carefully. You show him how you nibble? You explain your decision-making process to choose an enlarged set of hamburger and Coke in the poppy? How you present yourself properly fried eggs and bacon?

A normal person develops at all levels. So this means that cares both about its intelligence, broadly understood internal development, as well as appearance. It’s really not that difficult. Keeping a balanced life is very simple. You only need to want it. But the girls prefer to do nothing, sit in a place and “accept” herself. In other words, they invent yourself as an excuse to do nothing and feel good about it. Really interesting twists and turns of the human mind. That people are also less able to rationalize their behavior. Instead, pull yourself together, begin to work on himself and then enjoy the results of their hard work, choose inaction and helplessness.

After each of these thick girls would like to be slim, it’s obvious as 2 + 2. If they offer a magical transformation in lean, each went to it. Bragging your pounds is like a foolish pride. After all, everyone would rather be wise. Do not let us do so with the virtue of stupidity.

All we know that being thin means health, good self-control, and many other positive personality traits. Therefore, let us walk to, to grow and become better every day. Do not flee the pernicious rationalizations of our appearance. They are tempting, but at the end you will lead only to disaster. Instead, select the action and change. Change every day for the better. Good luck ?

Strange weird diets. Part II

Welcome to the second installment of strange diet. Diet miserable, diet for people who do not know the basics of healthy eating. Today we focus on the next few interesting diets debilitating body and would leave us in a worse condition than at the beginning.

What today we will? We’ll take care of my “favorite” diets niskowęglowodanowymi. Ah, what the popularity managed to get a diet which fall into this category. The most popular of these include: The Dukan Diet, LHCF, Paleo, Atkins, Kwasniewski, etc etc blah blah blah … There are a million.

What is at the root of each of these diets? And no it is not difficult to guess that restricting carbohydrates. The creators of these diets for some unexplained reason, consider carbohydrates as a source of all evil in the world. Because of this, of course, a natural consequence should be totally excluded from the diet of carbohydrates and rode exclusively on fats and proteins.

Some of these diets are quite liberal and allow some carbohydrates, which can get a to food by the way. Others, in turn, are so restrictive that even a gram of carbohydrates in the dish is a critical breach of the diet. When you consume even a fraction of a gram of sugar, we lose the fun, because we broke the sacred principle of the diet bezwęglowodanowej. So we can start packing suitcases.

What is positive in the low carb diet? Well, such a diet really slims. Really there is nothing to argue with that. Most of these diets are so timetabled that targeting their plan nutritional results in energy shortages. Because of this loss of weight. Just probably not as we should.

Our body enters a critical, because the notes that he lacks carbohydrates. I recall that glucose is the fuel for our brain. When he begins to miss her, our body needs to catch up for everything at random to survive. He begins to metabolize fats and convert them into glucose. This increases our amount of hormones such adrenaline and noradrenaline. While a short time, these hormones give us a kick and help to survive in a critical situation, so here only us destroy unnecessarily entering the body in a state of emergency.

Increased protein intake (as something we need to replace carbohydrates) results in acidification of the body. Our body begins to try alternative methods. Turns fat into energy which of course results in weight loss, but probably not this what we want. The effects of such a mode is a decrease in energy, unnecessary nervousness, already mentioned acidification and increase susceptibility to many diseases such as gout or kidney stones.

To sum up, carbohydrates are necessary for our body. The complete elimination of it from our diet is simply stupid. Foods with carbohydrates provide such nutrients, which will not experience the fat or protein.

After all, it was the same several years ago with fats. Mainstream media have created the fat monster, which should be avoided at all costs. Only years later they realized that, however, fats are needed. And that’s more about the quality of fat and not about the quantity of the diet. The same is true with carbohydrates. Soon we understand that carbohydrates also serve important functions.

Therefore I advise you to adhere to proven scientific knowledge. And not to momentary trends are not based on anything apart from the author’s imagination fancy and popular diet.

Strange and weird diets. Part III

Today we’ll take care of diet chocolate. Heheheh. Chocolate diet … Who ever invented?
Of course all the diet is that chocolate to eat in any possible form. Well just a great idea. Because long it has been proven that chocolate contains all the necessary ingredients to man, and besides it does not need to have any more luck.

Therefore, our menu does not consist of anything else besides eating dark chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Authors diet explain the reasonableness of the fact that after a chocolate bar has only a few calories, so eat it well. No Styrofoam but also in total has only a few calories, the same as the plaster from the walls or finishing coat. This does not mean that we should consume these products.

However, as count on those calories seriously, not believing the authors, it comes out that chocolate is not a low-energy product. Indeed, in one tile it is not very kcal, but the products always translated with respect to 100 g. A chocolate per 100 gram is more than 500 kcal! I need not remind you think that this is an extremely large number. Pure sugar contains 450 kcal / 100 g, clean oil is 900 kcal / 100 g. So chocolate absolutely can not be called a dietary product, on the contrary. Anyway, it’s obvious, after all, made up mostly of cocoa butter, which is already in its name is “fat” and it is not difficult to guess how many calories it has.

I think I understand why the health benefits of this diet you can put between a fairy tale. It is just nonsense. Chocolate can be used successfully as a side dish, eg. As a topping. Itself contains a lot of very interesting nutrients, so very well complement the dish of healthy ingredients. However, relying on it as a starting point of course is a mistake.

All chocolate fans I wish you all the best and I encourage you to continue to consume this product because it is healthy and tasty.

How should we look at food?

In today’s episode we will sphere of cognitive our psyche. So I will tell you about how food should be seen by us. This seems silly to you? Nothing could be further from the truth. In my opinion, the perception of food is crucial when it comes to diet and maintaining a healthy weight. Actually, I think there is no sense approach to diet if you can not deal first with our wrong approach to food.

What I mean? And is that the majority of fat people see food as a reward, as something nice. In addition, such people often treat meals and snacks as a kind odstresowywacz. So we eat when stressed and then stress passes. And in this lies the whole problem. You can not approach the food. If we think about food as about our savior in difficult times, we are the underdog. Then you will not help us any diet or detoxification therapies or even an exorcist.

At the beginning we have to overcome our wrong approach to eating, then we can take up the diet. Only then we will actually lose weight and achieved results remain. Because for that matter, to be thin all my life. And not like most girls who lose weight at one month. Then the weight back, and all the fun of the diets starts from the beginning. But I can not throw the first stone, and criticize such behavior looking at you from above. I myself am guilty of the same mistakes that I describe here. I do not want you to be as stupid as I am, when I was younger. I thought that diet alone is enough. This is not true.

Diet is just the easiest part of weight loss. Or at least, should be such that if we deal with evil views on food, which sit in our head. If you get rid of them, the diet will be happy. I promise you.

Now let’s get to specifics. What are these wrong views on food? First of all, do not look at food as a reward. Food should be an obligation. Only then can we be certain that we will not overeat. If you walk to the gym, I guess that walking on it for you is a chore. And try to reverse it. Let gym will be happy. Let it be something, what are you waiting all day. Let it be a place where you enter with joy and energy. In turn, the food zepchnijcie the wayside. Do not think about it during the day. Let them from time to time it happens that you forget to eat. Of course, everything within reason, I do not recommend here starvation. I just want you to change your perspective on food. If you succeed, you will see what will become enjoyable diet. Kilograms will be flying down and will be in the optimal place for you forever.

Oh, and if you look at the picture at the top of this entry from leaking slink, is bad for his look. Should you be doing sick at the sight of such junk food. After all, the same fat and empty calories. Who in their right mind would want to pack in each other such stuff?