What to do when diets not working?

Well, I will share with you today a little known issue, namely the thesis that diets do not work. Yes, every knowingly used diet, laying plans for nutrition and the like are doomed in advance to failure.
We all put a diet, calorie convert and try to follow the sophisticated nutrition plans. They do not know, however, that this is a road to nowhere. Why I put such a bold thesis? Well, I have had many diets and I saw people using diet and noticed one thing. You can lose weight on a diet, yes. However, these people always return to your previous weight and after a few months look even worse than at the beginning. Originally, most people who start a diet can be compared to the barrel, then lose weight and begin to resemble lanterns, then the weight comes back and come to the dimensions of the cabinet-door.

I understand that if you’re here, you probably want to slim down. But rather do not want to do it in such a way that I described a moment ago, I am not that right? Why do you need a few kilos less for a month and then if you look worse than at the beginning? Therefore I advise you one thing: do not use weight loss diets.

The diet itself, by definition, is simply a way of eating human. So you can not use some “diet”. Everyone has some kind of diet. Even if it’s a diet hamburgerowo-słodyczowa. I mean here on slimming diets, which is a way of eating, which is closely planned in advance. Most people are eating spontaneously, eating what they like. Group dietowców, however, creates a very detailed plan about what can eat, what not, what will be eaten in what quantity and how many calories it has.

Well, when we devote his energy to such thoughts, we spend the resources of their free will, which are limited. If you have exhausted your free will, we will not be able to control and start to gorge with abandon. Therefore, the diet is a vicious circle. Those not using diet are lean and not even wondering about food. That’s why they are lean. Because it does not seem their valuable resources thought to think about food, diets, and thus do not have to actively refrain from eating because even think about it. In contrast to the fat woman, thinking for hours with a delicious donut, refusing it yourself and then absorbing it in the evening. Then, when its resources will have been exhausted by a few hours thinking about that same bud. Do you understand what I’m saying?

If you want to lose weight, you have to behave like a thin person, not how fat you want to lose weight.

Strange and unusuall diets I have tried

In my long slimming career I came across a lot of nutrition plans. I have tried many of them. After a few years, after consultation with a nutritionist, it turned out that most of these diets was breaking the basic principles of nutrition. So by these diets I became less healthy than I was at the beginning. So now I know how important basic knowledge about nutrition. If we possess it, at first glance, we can determine whether a nutritional plan case we can not hurt.

So I want in this short scrap show you what to look for when reading descriptions of the various diets. I’ll show you when your head should light the red lamp predicting poor diet. So let’s get started.

First, avoid diets that boast having the least amount of calories. Therefore ignore all diets of the “1000 calories diet”, “diet of 500 calories”, “calorie diet -100”. None of these diets will never be healthy for your body. It is more than a full-fledged hunger strike plans habits. You can not function normally with the amount of calories per day. Our body will enter starvation mode and after a few hours of the start of such a diet miracle will feel horribly sick. There will be dizziness, we begin to weaken and faint.

Furthermore, the body in starvation mode, will do anything to survive, and therefore grasps every amount of energy turning it into fat. If you lose weight, you lose water and our muscles. Because it is our muscles will be “eaten” in the first place by our body to survive. Muscles consume large amounts of energy, so in order to protect themselves from death by starvation, the body begins to cannibalize its own muscle. It does this in order to provide their energy and to reduce the energy expended on the muscles. As you can see, there is nothing pleasant and even standing next to a shelf labeled “health”.

Another, indeed my favorite category of diet supplements are thematic. Or rather I should write: monothematic diet. They consist of all types of diet: chocolate, cabbage, strawberry, pineapple, meat, etc. etc. Well, sorry, but there is no such option in order to provide the body with all the nutrients, if we eat still the same thing. Again and again the same thing, day after day. Apart from the health aspect, the aspect of repetition of such a diet is probably even worse. If we start the diet of our favorite product, eg. Chocolate, soon zbrzydnie us on mercilessly. We will not be able to look at the thing a few days ago was attractive grocery, because we ate it once in a while. Therefore ignore any diet, in which the main theme is to eat one thing. Not really worth so tired.

If you will remember other dietary plans from the category flimsy and dangerous it not fail to describe them in the next post. As long as I finish, and I wish you health and make good choices about what you eat.

Exercises that support diet and make your slimming faster

Quickly, I found out that diet alone is not enough to lose weight. At the beginning of the struggle for an impeccable silhouette so I decided to turn the exercise. At the beginning I was doing them at home and I admit that set that I developed independently proved perfectly. It was great for a beginner who does not show the condition of fitness enthusiast. Successfully so I performed a series of three times a week and the effects began to be apparent quickly.
Today we propose you and my set of exercises. It is ideal for people who are just beginning to fight for a better figure, fitness and health. The bottom line is they that engage all parts of the body without exception. They do not focus only on the stomach or thighs, but also arms, buttocks and calves. I wanted to adipose tissue disappeared and changed into muscles everywhere. And if I am to have achieved this and you need to go.

The advantage of this type of exercise is that you do not have to not spend money you do not have to leave the house when the weather is not conducive to and you can do them at any time. The struggle for a beautiful figure may be taken against the TV, your favorite music in the privacy of your room and stretched tracksuit. There is no more room for excuses, you only need a little motivation.

We’ll start with crunches. This exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles. Your hands crossed on his chest and his feet well to resist the floor. Hover directing torso diagonally. Knees should be bent all the time. I performed this exercise in 3 series of 15 repetitions on each side.

For the next exercise will be useful dumbbells, but if those do not have this ideal will give two bottles filled with water. Lie down on your back and pull your hands with dumbbells up at the same time should lift straight leg a few centimeters above the ground. Like the previous exercise and that I performed in 3 series of 15 repetitions.

This exercise is ideal while on the thighs and buttocks. Lie down on your back and lay your hands freely along the body. In turn we draw one straight leg upward, while the clod remains bent at the knee and foot rests firmly on the ground. An additional complication is the fact that during the exercise should be all the time the buttocks raised upwards. Normally we perform 3 sets but only after 3 repetitions on each leg.

My last suggestion is squats. Each one of us did it, after all, not once. Difficulty here are dumbbells, which hold in their hands. Squats are made traditionally in 3 series, 15 repetitions.

Healthy and tasty idea for your lunch

Spring and summer is the perfect time for a light meal. Just go to the nearby market to discover the multitude of vitamin products. Personally, I love shopping in the bazaars, where shelves sag from the colorful, seasonal fruit and vegetables. Definitely in the summer I do not need meat, which does not mean that it does not eat. In my proposals will be dishes that with vegetarian have little in common but there are definitely małokaloryczne, tasty, nutritious and healthy.
The first dish is asparagus with egg. I love them in any form. If you buy fresh asparagus remember that the seller always kept them in a bucket of lukewarm water – only then will they be fresh. As far as possible I keep from those that simply are among the other vegetables.

To cook the dinner will be necessary to us so asparagus, eggs, olive oil and salt and pepper. First, clean the asparagus, thoroughly wash and dry – if the asparagus are very thick it is worth it cut in half lengthwise. Thus prepared asparagus should dip in olive oil until soft and zgrillować (you can use a grill pan, or ordinary). On the other pan fry fried eggs should be at the discretion of a whole sprinkle with salt and pepper. At the plate, first lecture asparagus on top and put the eggs. For so-prepared dinner tastes great curdled milk or yogurt.

Another proposal is a vegetable soup, known and popular probably by all of us. This dish is perhaps not extremely original but certainly provides the enormity of vitamins and nutritional value. Personally, I get ready vegetable soup with white beans, leek, celery, onions and carrots. I add also a quarter of cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, parsley and a little pumpkin if you just have. Soup seasoning bay leaf, salt, pepper and olive oil.

The first step is to cook the beans in two liters of water. Then slicing all the greens into small strips and add to the soup. At the end of dosypujemy seasoning and parsley. I know that some odcedzają broth and eat with pasta and grated parmesan cheese. Too often as I do, but I admit that the soup tastes excellent as well with the addition of cooked vegetables.

The last proposal is the second course. This time it lands on their plates chicken cutlet with spinach and goat cheese. You should prepare a chicken breast or turkey, 20 ounces spinach, as much cheese, a few tablespoons of olive oil, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Chest should be divided into four cutlets in any form a pocket. To insert patch pockets sheep cheese and previously Overdone spinach seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg (some also add a lot of garlic). The whole should fasten with a toothpick and fry for about eight minutes. Personally, I love to eat schnitzel with barley cous cous and a light spring salad.

Bon Appetit!

Good eating habits

So much is said about good eating habits, but is not it true that for each may be different? Modified taking into account the lifestyle and preferences even taste? A little while this is indeed already years ago nutritionists appointed standards, which should keep considering our daily menu and method of consumption. These rules in most suited are the basis for rational nutrition of healthy people. It is worth remembering that a change of diet should always consult with a nutritionist and once implemented eating habits (of course, the good ones) should accompany us forever.
Sam started losing weight a few years ago and it was the first time I switched its system feeding. Although by this time changed my diet probably dozens of times is a habit that instilled my nutritionist, I try to follow. Now I can confidently say that these are not rules, it is the norm to which got used to it and can not imagine that I could eat in a different way. Of course, there is a derogation and therefore I always have great remorse, but they do not stem from laziness just such impossibility. An example might be a trip to the mountains – hard during a day’s hiking stick to the principle of eating five meals, including at least one hot or accurate chewing each bite.

Let’s get into habits that for me have become commonplace (if run as stable lifestyle). First of all, you should eat five meals a day and breakfast is the most important. This is what breakfast is to give us energy for the day, be the driving force. The first meal should be eaten no later than one hour after waking. It is to be satisfied and provide all the vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, it is important not only what we eat but how we eat. Every bite should be chewed at least 30 times so that he could be subjected to appropriate digestive processes. You should also apply the principle of incompatibility of different foods. Personally, I never drink during the meal (rather put out desire before eating), do not I combine cucumber with tomato because nutrients do not affect both relative to one another preferably (askorbinaza contained in cucumber kills vitamin C in tomatoes). Similarly, the lemon tea. If you throw in a slice immediately after brewing, lemon missed again us all the health-giving properties.

I hold also another important principle. Well, not always eat dinner later than two hours before bedtime. Not recognize the principle of eating until 18:00 – you can starve. If I go to about 23:00 I am the last meal I eat before 21:00.

What is a good diet?

Starting slimming came across numerous diets that were make at express pace, thoughtful and effectively get rid of excess weight. Diets were low-calorie, qualifying, low-carbohydrate, low-fat or those that were to be consistent with my lifestyle, consistent with blood … At some point I started to wonder whether it is possible to lose weight in accordance with the color of my eyes, hair, or the type of skin – I more I penetrated into the topic and probably would have found such.

It turns out that the available weight loss diets is a whole bunch, so how do you choose one that is suitable for us, healthy and above all effective? We have no time for trial and error, we want to quickly recover or get the dream figure.

What diet will be good for us? It is above all one that is composed only for us, according to our needs, health and nutritional preferences. This diet, which we wouuld convene expert, so I wrote out a nutritionist in Warsaw, one of the dietary counseling.

Remember that there are many subsidiaries, which will affect our healthy eating. Only properly adjusted diet can give you not only the right results, but also make you not compromised our health and condition.

Several years of tedious weight loss gave me a solid foundation to help reach some conclusions. Today, I am convinced that a good diet will include individual demand for vitamins and other nutritional value and individual needs of each organism even looking at our metabolism, body type, mode of everyday life or the digestive system along with the digestive process. A good diet will take into account our lifestyle divided into activity and sleep, the state of our psyche with stressors, endocrine or preferences favorites nutrients – it is also about to slimming diet has become a pleasure and was not treated as a punishment, which always we will be demotywować.

Let us also remember that the diet that we want to use to lose weight should be devoid of allergenic components and those that affect food intolerances. Proper nutrition, which will support us in the struggle with the reduction of body fat also take into account possible disease we face – here will apply rather dietoterapia.

And what you have experience with diets? Did you find this, which you really happy? One that gives the desired results without adversely affecting the body? I’m curious of all opinions.

Dietetic breakfasts

Today I decided to share with you a recipe for my favorite breakfast – a healthy, nutritious and above all not accumulated enough already, and so the amount of excessive body fat.

As we know, breakfast is the main meal of the day and an absolute mistake is skipping it in your slimming diet. Breakfast is we need to function properly, it gives energy. The morning meal should be an appropriate portion of vitamins and minerals and ingredients that affect our performance as physical and intellectual. As it turns out, breakfast should be solid, it can be downright largest dish they eat throughout the day. Never forget about it and prepared them not later than one hour after getting up – after this time, our metabolic processes are slowed down.

But back to the recipe, breakfast, which you propose is light, but nutritious and certainly energetic. It provides valuable ingredients for the day and eating a good portion, for many hours do not feel hunger. Let me give you a few suggestions, which, moreover, was recommended to me in the clinic diet and you will be able to choose the ones that most you will enjoy. I guarantee that they are all very tasty.

At the beginning of scrambled eggs. This dish not very sophisticated, but how nutritious. My scrambled eggs I do always with three eggs, of which one eliminates the egg yolk. Eggs mischief to a smooth paste and add the 2 tablespoons of wheat bran and finely chopped chives. The whole mix and pour into the pan (without fat). Mass can leave it and fry an omelet or scrambled eggs thoroughly to – in any form is delicious and healthy. For such breakfast I always add 1-2 slices of wholemeal bread (pay attention whether it is manufactured on a natural sourdough).

The next dish was the perfect start to the day with oatmeal mix additives. 6 tablespoons oatmeal mountain I add nuts and raisins, sometimes dried fruits, such as bananas. Active pour boiling water and allowed to stand for 5-10 minutes. After this time, there remains nothing else but to be eating a nutritious, wholesome breakfast.

Every morning I drink it always green tea. At the beginning, when eliminated from your diet slimming sugar the sweetener. Today, stevia is used – did you know that it is exactly 0 calories and is up to 100 times sweeter than sugar?

And maybe you have some interesting ideas for filling, but dietary breakfast? We are happy to get to know all the reviews and would use regulations.

Candies and sweets in my diet

I love sweets. Always nibbled them at work, I really enjoyed them during walks and chocolate always hosted at our house every weekend, right next to the cake with lots of cream.
Unfortunately, it is they contributed largely to my overweight. Huge amounts of sugar, which absorbed rebounded very quickly on my weight.

My weight loss as I mentioned in another post just started from the restrictions primarily highly sweetened products. It is a pity that then no one reminded me that losing weight does not have to mean the avoidance of sweets a wide berth. It turns out that for example the bitter chocolate during such process is quite desirable. And as for you, it takes place slimming? Or completely renounced sweets? I regret that I learned about the qualities of chocolate I am so late, with it certainly would be easier to me to deal with the daily struggle for a beautiful look and dream weight.

Many people might not believe me, but the beneficial properties of dark chocolate has been proven long ago. First of all, it proved that chocolate does not cause weight gain with us if we do not exceed the daily consumption – a maximum of 2 dice every day. It is worth noting that the chocolate has to be the best quality, with the greatest amount of cocoa solids. Bitter is to be so, not to deliver the body of unnecessary sugar.

So what advantages does chocolate? A good nutritionist in Warsaw made me realize that it works perfectly on metabolic processes and therefore the fight against unnecessary pounds can be even easier. In addition, eating a small cube of chocolate improves our mood and make it easier to get through a restrictive diet, after slimming.

In addition, the chocolate has tons of health benefits. Thanks to it improves memory and concentration, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attacks, Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, varicose veins. It not without significance is also the fact that chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, a hormone of happiness. Thanks to it we have a better humor and his face does not come down to us smile. I think that chocolate is a great source of energy – it is especially important for people who combine a weight loss diet with exercise.

As you can see chocolate you can eat so with impunity, of course, not forgetting the restrictions on quantities. Slimming diet need not be full of sacrifices, from time to time you can afford to certain exceptions. I just do so and the weight continues to drop.

Write necessarily how you look at weight loss and what you recommend sweets in the diet weight loss. Maybe there are other products than the chocolate that you can successfully eat and still lose weight?

My first meeting with dietitian

I told you in my first entries about the hardships they had to go before I found a really good diet. During the first years of the fight against unnecessary pounds I drew on only guides with rapid weight loss, and I gave up on the forums, where people like me were looking for good ways to losing weight and consolation, because together more easily and the failure of other even more after build.

Yes I survived a few years, the weight first fell to in a moment appeared yo-yo effect and made up for it twice more. Clearly, through the use of bad diet, my digestive system was disturbed, the body does not receive enough essential nutrients, so do stocks and later pożytkował them and myself at the end of eating a lot of how much random. The body going crazy and he did not surprised. I think that besides the problems with weight problems have come with my hair, complexion and nails. Finally, I said STOP. How can such torture?
The network started looking for help, this time the really professional. The search engine instead of the password “miracle diet” or “rapid weight loss” This time I entered “clinic diet Warsaw.”

I chose one of the displayed bids and signed up for the first consultation.

There was preparing for her special way, to the clinic I went right after work so my thoughts were still around professional issues.

Sam clinic made good impression on me: nice, cozy. You can see that there is a cult of healthy eating. Before nutritionist called me into his office I could read some leaflets with tips on rational nutrition.

The first consultation with a nutritionist proceeded in a friendly atmosphere. Dietician did me a detailed interview. He asked about my food preferences, what I like to eat and what not too fond of.

He asked about the number of meals products that usually eat and how to get ready meals. He asked to fill out questionnaires, asking about the purpose of my visit. Dietician approached the subject professionally, measured, weighed, ruled chronic diseases and allergies. Actually he had a huge impression on me as a specialist in his field.

On the first visit I have not received yet any magic diet. Of course, nutritionist pointed to the products that should be limited and they allowed, but first he had to do basic research. Only on this basis could arise rational, perfect for my diet, which allowed me to actually reach the optimal weight.

Remember that the nutritionist, who will determine for you the menu during a telephone call or by mail consultation is not a good expert and the menu can be thrown away in the trash. Once I met up with the auction site, where “nutritionist” offered diet – after paying a few pennies sent menu. Today me laugh, because I know that this weight loss is unrealistic but also aware of how many people desperate grabs for such maneuverings.

Weight Loss Pills really work?

Do slimming pills are certainly effective?

If you think you can get away to sit on the couch and gorge on sweets and your weight will drop then you are wrong. Unfortunately, not yet invented any miraculous pills for adoption would reduce the weight of the body without our involvement.

The fact that the demand for diet pills today is huge. Just type in any search engine slogan of “slimming Warsaw” to see how many different measures of this kind is offered.

I myself am not convinced them, or never seek nor been using. I believe that manufacturers of such tablets should clearly describe possible side effects and their composition. It turns out that most of them are simply dangerous for our health. Tablets contain potent substances which lead to a dysfunction of the digestive and metabolic processes.

I also believe that weight loss agents give a little placebo effect. I think that without them you can achieve a similar effect, engaging in sports activity and using proper diet.

The only dietary supplement, which has been using the same green tea, and though I do not like the taste of it I drank two cups a day. It means completely safe for our health and how I learned the clinic diet, green tea has a detoxifying effect – cleanses the body of unwanted deposits.

From what they told me medics and nutritionists, to which I pretended to help, really effective weight-loss drugs are available by prescription only and apply them can only people who suffer from chronic obesity, dangerous to their health and even life.

At various forums I read about a tablet with a touch of banned substances, for example addictive narcotic drug, which is amphetamine. Manufacturers of these pills and traders who mediate their distribution should be closed in prison. I do not know if you know, but around the world there are already at least a few thousand deaths whose cause was just taking these tablets.

Absolutely, I believe that the dream of impeccable silhouette is not worth until such sacrifices to spoil your own body.

You already know my opinion about the pills to lose weight. They certainly met not once with praise on them (even on internet forums). I myself have often been urged to use them, but never have strayed. My slimming ran and runs only on the basis of sport and the use of a good diet. I do not even been using dietary supplements available in supermarkets without a prescription. I think that instead of stuffing the chemistry is much better to spend the money on professional consultation diet.