Copenhagen diet

The advantages of a diet Copenhagen read a lot. I was not convinced her, because I like eggs and not what they appear almost daily diet.
He convinced me, however, that this diet lasts only 13 days and is so strict that you can not use it more often than twice a year. Even then it puzzled me that such rules were adopted because of the failure to provide the body of valuable vitamins and minerals. In short, the Copenhagen diet can lead to numerous shortages and will result in dehydration, anemia or malnutrition. It’s also an easy way to achieve a metabolic disorders, and although at the beginning actually lose the weight (I was able to shed some 7 kilograms) the weight comes back not only in zdwojonym rate, but with double force. If not for the fact that soon after the diet fell into the trap of another is probably nabawiłabym additionally for some 10 kilograms more.

Ok, back to the topic, diet menu Copenhagen is indeed very poor and the dishes put it mildly, for me distasteful. Slimming diet of this type It made it that every day of her period I was just hungry all the time and in the last days of its application, I already felt really weak.

Copenhagen diet menu is repeated every seven days. What’s more, even the most drastic is the seventh day, because then we do not eat virtually anything. Well, but to the point.

I present to you a detailed diet menu Copenhagen, not because I’m trying to promote it, but just so that you may be able to see how much is unhealthy.

Day 1 and 8

For breakfast is provided a cup of coffee with a cube of sugar. For lunch and you should eat 2 hard-boiled eggs, 10 ounces spinach and 1 tomato. While dinner is steak with salad sprinkled with lemon juice.

Day 2 and 9

For breakfast standard drink a cup of coffee with sugar cubes. For lunch while dinner repeat of the previous day, or eat steak with salad sprinkled with lemon juice. Dinner is very economical, because it’s just a slice of ham and 2 glasses of natural yoghurt.

Day 3 and 10

For breakfast standard coffee, but you can add a slice of wholemeal bread (for example in the form of toast). Dinner is cooked spinach, 1 tomato and 1 any fruit. For dinner, you should eat and 2 hard-boiled eggs, a slice of ham and salad sprinkled with lemon juice.

Day 4 and 11

Breakfast is coffee with sugar. For lunch and serve with grated carrots and a boiled egg with cream cheese. Dinner is good these days, because this fruit salad clearing natural yoghurt.

Day 5 and 12

For breakfast you should eat grated carrots. Lunch provides the roast, lean fish and for dinner you can enjoy steak with lettuce and broccoli.

Day 6 and 13

For breakfast, we drink a cup of coffee with a cube of sugar. Lunch is 15 ounces cooked chicken salad sprinkled with lemon while dinner can be enjoyed out the grated carrots and 2 eggs cooked hard-boiled

day 7

It’s as I said the most rigorous day in the whole diet. We drink a cup of tea for breakfast and for dinner we eat 15 grams of lean meat on the grill. Dinner that day to be let go.

Dukan’s diet

Today, I will describe to you the Dukan diet, diet, which she herself been using, but in retrospect, I can not recommend it with a clear conscience, people who want to effectively lose weight.

The Dukan Diet was one of the first, which began systematically applied. I chose it precisely because it has gained a lot of loyal fans. What’s more, I thought that if we promote the great stars that actually can be no effective and healthy. With error led me before nutritionist in Warsaw, where I went on a professional consultation, but it was much later, when a number of diets, unfortunately, adversely affected my health.

Returning to the Dukan Diet, it is one of the most common, which is currently used to reduce the extra weight.

Invented by French physician Pierre Dukan even in 1975 – then he practiced in Paris and noticed a big problem considering the obesity of their patients. Interestingly, the first guide with detailed written-diet of this type were issued in France until 2000, and the place became a hit.

It typically reducing diet that is based on providing in the body a large amount of the protein while reducing fat and carbohydrates. This menu has cause loss of kilos without adversely yo yo – unfortunately for me without it did not pass.

The Dukan Diet is divided into four phases. The first phase of a shock, whose aim is to as quickly as possible losing excess weight. The second phase is the phase equilibrium, through which, according to the doctor, we have to maintain the effect and lead to even greater weight loss. The third phase is consolidation. Here, our weight is no longer falling and is only kept in “good” condition. And the last phase of the quarter, which implies a special diet once a week for the rest of life.

Sam went through three phases. Diet at the beginning did not seem too restrictive, reducing diet was quite easy to use. I did not like while applying it until the end of life. Frankly, I prefer now to spend two evenings a week for physical training, so that will preserve your weight rather than bother composing a special diet. I have to also admit that using this diet lost 6 kg while until I took the 8 following soon afterwards. Then still I did not understand, however, that the basis of the struggle for slim figure is not just a diet, but also sports activities. He made me realize this is only a good nutritionist in Warsaw, to which he volunteered. About him also write to you in subsequent entries.

And what we have experience with the Dukan diet? Do any of you applied it? We are happy to get to know your opinions on this subject.

Diets which didn’t work

Today, I decided to describe to you diet, which I myself been using or trying to use and have proved to be not only ineffective, but simply unhealthy.

It is just that we want to lose weight is the use of all means, may only managed to lose weight. Every good nutritionist in Warsaw will tell you that weight loss is not a starvation diet and taking away the essential nutrients, but just rational nutrition, so that without the sacrifices we make it to dream weight.

Well, easy to say but harder to do. Slimming diets typically use people who are not interested in any other effects besides fewer centimeters in waist.

That’s what I thought, and I, all the more that the approaching vacation time and a trip to the sea, behind which already so I could be stęsknić.

I had one goal – to lose weight as much as possible and in as soon as possible. Probably I have been using every diet, the most rigorous, and those that are “hit” weight loss forums and blogs about dieting – so, there is no denying that, and these of course had read.

Slimming started the Dukan diet – a diet that will devote an entire entry soon but now I emphasize that it is absolutely not a healthy diet. Although it has gained such a huge fan base around the world and use it, even the biggest stars of stage and musical theater scenes are definitely the Dukan diet in addition to excess weight also deprives us of all valuable components, which are necessary for the proper functioning of our body. You can not also overlook the fact that the diet of this kind contributes to the emergence of a huge yo yo and lasting metabolic disorders.

Another diet that is so popular in Poland, and unfortunately it is not a healthy diet is the cabbage, the so-called diet Kwasniewski. Sam stand it on this diet than a week, and although I was really desperate, because summer is approaching with great strides that no one would force me to drink cabbage soup even longer if I had two weeks to reach the figure of a supermodel.

The next massacre is a diet Copenhagen. It is used by a large group of people who want to lose weight without the help of a professional clinic diet. This is due to its duration – it is used only 13 days, in addition never hungry. About this diet also write a separate note, I have to admit that persevered in it to the end and even kicked off some weight. Also write about her flaws, but because these prevail, taking into account first of all, our health.

If you are curious to devote further entries also descriptions of the diet most absurd, to which even the same to me it was difficult to convince but do not say that they did not tried the

My first weightloss diet

Adventure with weight loss started some three years ago. The end of winter and thus the need to purchase, lighter, not the more revealing the body clothing.

So I went to the gallery to buy some new clothes, I came back with nothing. Like material, because instead of new clothes caught just a huge feeling down. I could choose any part of the garment, everything looked wrong or completely not find size. If you’ve been shoved into something that outfit looked like the younger sister.

It was then that I made the decision to lose weight, not only knew that the fight against kilograms will last so long and be so heavy.

I started by checking the weight – with an increase of 165 centimeters … I weighed 72 kg, far too much. I decided it was time to diet, of course, best if weight loss is fast and efficient, like a miracle diet.

At the beginning I used diet  less eat ? It was easy because I did not have to stick to the established norms of time on eating, I did not have to prepare a sophisticated menu. It was comfortable the more that this was the time when I studied, diet  seemed so comfortable, although not as strict. I, who loved to eat in the student bar and fry during lectures now I avoid eating like a fire, the very thought of non-eating was not to pass.

I started with small steps. I decided that the end of snacking, the end of the candy. Completely stopped taking sugar and wheat bread for wholemeal swapped. I did not use any fat besides olive oil and sodas swapped for water, or green tea, which, moreover, can not stand – no, but what is not done for the dream figure.

Yes persevered about 14 days, the weight did not move and I went more and more frustrated. After that time, I gave up and my big slimming Warsaw came to an end. I honored them with a visit to the fast food …….

Probably many of you reading this text sees in him his story. How I managed to figure out on numerous forums for desperatek, like me, the first slimming diet usually end up just like that.

All through the complete lack of assumptions, the lack of any plan. If you think you will shed excess weight by simply discarding some products and only your renunciation will have dinner early to put to bed with an empty stomach already then you are wrong. Unfortunately this does not work, but I myself found out about it until a few years later, visiting a dietitian.

My first post :)

Passion for writing is to me today. In the bag I always carry a notebook, which busily fills notes. These, however, there is so much that I decided to move them to the electronic version. I thought, too, that topic, I explore how today might be useful to someone like myself struggling for years.

What exactly is it? About slimming course. Because weight loss combats a few nice years, nazbierało me so little material. I tried already a number of diets, most of which, unfortunately, proved to be ineffective – I will describe them all here, in the pages of my blog that my experiences were an indication for others in the arduous fight against unnecessary pounds.

Today, I’m still rolling unequal struggle with their weight, but the process seated in order to achieve a perfect figure takes a really long time. I read a million guides, impart to the support forums, where I found not only valuable advice, but also a bunch of friends. I am well aware of what affects a person like me, that a great success even recognize a few kilograms less.

I am currently at the stage of rational nutrition. I changed my eating habits and I use the consultation experienced nutritionists. Note my weight finally goes down, finally breaking me not yo-yo effect, which of course’ve had more than once. At the same time I know that it will take a lot of time before I will be happy with their forms, however, are not subjected to this blog and I will be treated as a documentation of my actions.

His assumptions made me indeed, above all the fact that it is really hard to get valuable information about healthy and effective weight loss, I know this from personal experience. That’s why my knowledge and experience I decided to share with you now so you to the next, ineffective diets, “miracle” does not lose unnecessary time and above all health.

The blog post I will be an example of a diet with a description of their advantages and disadvantages, but it will be here also news about healthy eating. I hope not too boring descriptions of my actions or events that realize in connection with the change of my lifestyle.

I enjoy immensely if my diary about life, one of whose main objectives is today the achievement of a dream figure someone interested.

I will be grateful for any opinion, comment and lively discussions. And soon my debut, which is the first thematic note